Trimaran Triforce

Karl Peterson design, Trimaran Triforce - This vessel is named Triforce and she is a powered tri with wave-piercing bows that will get the job done. Karl Peterson designed this primo trimaran with the assistance of Gold Coast Yachts of St. Croix, Virgin Islands. Karl explained that the intended duty for this boat is for economical offshore missions to nearby islands, and foreign ports. There are twin 40HP outboards hung on the transom. The main hull styling is rakish, futuristic and hits a sweet spot in terms of appearance. The photo shows the boat still in the construction phase, but she will be a neat ship when she splashes out from the dock heading to Anegada or Vieques. Triforce is 42 feet L.O.A. with 15 feet of beam. For a better view of this craft please have a look at the fabulous line drawings below. Image ® Karl Peterson


Let’s see, on a good WX forecast Karl could leave the Salt River Entrance buoy astern at 6:00 AM steering a magnetic course of 314° and be anchored in Bahia Salina Del Sur, Vieques, Puerto Rico by 08:00 AM. If he throttles back for best fuel burn make that 09:00 AM, and he could be snorkeling with the fish and unexploded ordinance before noon. The steering station has excellent visibility, and the interior accommodation should match the cruising potential of the design. This boat would also allow for capable shallow water and inland cruising. In the right weather the hull could be nosed-up onto the beach for a barbecue lunch. Line Dwg. ® Karl Peterson and Gold Coast Yachts

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