Captain Remy Alexandre

Captain Remy Alexandre from Ile-a-Vache, Haiti operates power launches between the island and the Haitian Mainland. Captain Alexandre is both a competent boat handler and host for his international guests that entrust him with their lives. For a young Haitian waterman he has an ideal job. The equipment he operates is very up to date and strapped with powerful outboards. The trip between Ile-a-Vache and the Mainland takes about twenty-five minutes depending on the weather. Guests arriving after dark have the disadvantage of not seeing where there are headed, but Captain Remy is a people person and is practiced at reassuring his passengers all will be well. The night we went across there was a strong wind out of the Southeast and aggressive wave heights. All went well and some of the arriving Guest were having a second welcome drink just to put a cap on surviving their second adventure. The initial adventure was (surely) arriving at the international airport in Port-au-Prince, and the 4-hour drive out to Les Cayes. Good job Cap!

Caribbean Islanders SydneySydney
Every sailor worth his or her salt has sailed into Little Harbor, Jost Van Dyke at one time or the other. In my high school days I sailed to Little Harbor with my friend Scott Godfrey on his 16 foot Hobie Cat. We were on our way to Sandy Key Spit. This was before the great bareboat and yachting explosion of the 80’s, and “Sydney’s Peace and Love”. I remember meeting “Sonny” (this is what family called him) on shore building lobster traps. This Guy was the real thing. He offered us drinks and fish to take with us. He made a favorable first impression. Sydney was friendly and generous to a fault. This gentle man passed away a few years ago. Little Harbor lives on. You can still enjoy a drink at the Honor Bar, dine on fresh Lobster and even jump-up with the Funji Band. If there are squall lines rolling in from the east, Little Harbor still makes for a secure spot while swinging on your mooring. And in the morning when you come up on deck with your coffee you can still look up and watch the goatherds pave the road with their droppings as they stroll down the hill.

Caribbean Islanders DocDoc
Boatyards are a mixed bag. You know the drill. You are apprehensive when it comes to slinging-up your boat to the travel lift, but on the other hand you are anxious to get a new bottom, check the prop, shaft, strut, cutlass bearing and maybe change-out the sacrificial zinc. All this stuff you want done quickly and you want it done by the best hands in the yard. Doc was a favorite go to Guy when he worked at the West End Boatyard in Tortola. This man could perform just about any chore the boat owners and charter companies could demand. Doc is also rumored to be an inveterate fisherman as well. Someone let us know which boatyard Doc now calls home. I really want to find better bait for yellow tail fishing off the stern at night.


Caribbean Islanders David

David Takes His Little Girl To Work


Captain David Peltier
David is a well-known professional aviator in the Caribbean. He is also a SFC (Sergeant First Class) National Guard soldier, and the quintessential alpha male. He is a very likeable alpha type though. David hails from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and currently flies for a local seaplane company. Captain Peltier is type rated in several types of multi-engine aircraft including amphibian aircraft, and Cessna Jets. As you can see from the photo, his beautiful daughter Deva is keen on flying as well.