The Big Slavers

When considering the stain of slavery and the big slavers that fueled this so-called maritime trade the nations that come to mind are Portugal, Holland, Denmark, Britton, France, The United States, Spain, Brazil and others. Dirtbag Africans captured and facilitated the sale of their ethnic brethren to equally craven dirtbags with whips, guns and sailing ships.

The unfortunate captives were forced to endure cargo accommodations and long passages so horrible many preferred to jump into the ocean and drown. The name Middle Passage was used to describe the ponderous and grueling sea voyage the big slavers were required to sail departing from Africa. People were packed into multi-deck cargo holds in configurations that were meant to maximize the available space, and overloaded to compensate for expected fatalities.

Slaving voyages would take the captives thousands of miles away from their African homelands and could last up to ten weeks. The cargo holds on a slaver were described as hell on earth. Human feces, vomit, blood, infected secretions, food remnants, stale water, unwashed bodies and poor air circulation guaranteed intolerable discomfort for all, and the death of many. The weak, deceased or infirm were simply thrown overboard to waiting sharks. Times were especially dreadful during bad weather and rough sea conditions. Worst yet, the slavers had no choice but to sail trading routes that often put them in windless latitudes as they sailed into intertropical convergence zones. These Horse Latitudes of no wind could last for weeks. Water and food supplies would invariably become depleted forcing the ship’s captain to jettison much of his human cargo and precious horses. Any organism that required water and food to survive was a liability.


Danish historians are fond of suggesting that life onboard a Danish slaver was more humane than conditions to be found on British sailing ships. The Danes also suggested that British ships as a rule were overcrowded and manned by crews whose brutality was boundless. This is bullshit of course. All these seafaring gentlemen considered the Black Africans less than human. How else could these god fearing mariners tolerate the concept and necessities of transporting human cargo for eventual sale into a life of forced labor and abuse? It is reasonable to assume that the mariners that preferred to sail on slavers were, by default, the rejects and scum of the maritime trades and their respective societies. This is perhaps similar to our present day debacle of  war zones and mercantile contractors. Human misery and mass confusion tend to attract the worst of our species. Have no doubt about that. These slaving ships generated huge profits for the ship owners, Captains and slave markets throughout South America, the Caribbean and North America. Men, women and children were torn from their villages and families by other Africans to suffer a loathsome fate in the hands strangers. There are many written accounts of the drunken orgies that were orchestrated by Captain and crew once the ship was well out to sea. Young African females were forced to accommodate the rapacious whims and vulgar desires of these filthy men. Worse yet, the African males were forced to witness these atrocities as they lay starving shackled in irons. These slavers were a superior race indeed!.

As a rule the African slave, especially the young females, were always at the mercy of the slaver whether on the high seas or on the tilled land of the plantation. The course of human history up to now has been steered, for right or for wrong, by market forces and the greedy inclinations of so-called developed nations. Now we are approaching new waypoints in our human journey where we might have to accept the possibility that our economic models and the greedy merchant class that control them are not sustainable, or desirable. History has much to teach us about ourselves. The clever technologies that are driving what’s left of our market civilizations will not sustain us in our race to the bottom. Whether one is pondering the horrors of slavery or the abhorrence of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, these histories are screaming out loud for all that might care to listen. God will not rescue us from our own defects and stupidity. Only we can put that right.


  1. Incredible! What a curse.

  2. Slavery is not dead, but we are a little part safer since the descendants of these sailors are bankers, stockbrokers, politicians, and clergymen who are busy screwing their dogs!

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