The Yachters

These last few months we managed to keep up with the yachters racing in St. Martin and St. Barts. We also managed two trips to Santa Cruz. These destinations make up the Ocean Trader Triangle, I guess. Heading out from St. Martin my pilot friend Tebo (name altered for the sake of anonymity) organized a […]

Virgin Islands Small Boat Cruising

Small boat Caribbean cruising

Virgin Islands small boat cruising has many rewards. I was skeptical when Jimmy asked me to help him launch his recently acquired sailboat. In my mind his invitation was a carefully worded plea for help. I will never know what spirit possessed this man to buy a sailboat. I have known Jimmy since school days […]

Skimboarding Action

Skimcaribbean Ocean Trader

Skimcaribbean and skimboarding are one and the same. Positive is how they do it!  Hiding in the shade of the seagrape trees of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands a group of guys stand waiting with gazes fixed on the sea. The mission – destroy waves. These guys are skimboarders. Being a bit older then the other […]