Johannesburg Walkabout

A Johannesburg Walkabout – There are scads of noteworthy and sometimes dangerous enclaves in the city of Johannesburg that are worth experiencing. After a week on the road, we were ready for some city life and motored towards Gauteng with subdued relish. All images © ocean trader As we approached the mighty city it was […]

Biltong and Black Mambas

When Mathew invited Jacob to ride along with him on a delivery trip to Nelspruit, the out of work mechanic jumped at the chance to do something besides hang around the neighborhood watching other people being productive. Mathew owned a small trucking company and he would get overflow trucking jobs from local factories, farmers and […]

Pussy Riot Party

Pussy Riot - Graffiti Lives

Back in August it was time to get off the boat so I paid-up the marina fees and headed to Africa.  I visited the UK for three days; the Olympic confusion was in full bloom and I was happy to move along. I did not have enough time to visit Zambia on this trip, but it […]