Spanish Virgin Islands Debunked

If your charter company promises sailing adventures and cerulean seascapes in the Spanish Virgin Islands that will likely be their first lie to you. There is no such place as the Spanish Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, and you will not find it on your nautical chart. The promotion of this new virgin archipelago is […]

Trimaran Triforce

 This vessel is named Triforce and she is a powered tri with wave-piercing bows that will get the job done. Karl Peterson designed this primo trimaran with the assistance of Gold Coast Yachts of St. Croix, Virgin Islands. Karl explained that the intended duty for this boat is for economical offshore missions to nearby islands, and […]

Rum Money!

Buried somewhere in the bowels of provisions passed by Congress the other night was the approval for a two year extension of the rum cover-over federal program that benefits Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  An excise tax is collected from the sale of all rum imported to the US Mainland.  Roughly speaking, this equates […]

Sailing To Samana

Coco - Sailing To Samana

Tony Massa and his wife Joan sailed to the Dominican Republic last month.  They were blessed with good departure weather on the outbound leg, and a not so favorable forecast on the return passage.  The boat was a steel cutter-rigged sloop named Drum Roll. Tony purchased Drum Roll in Venezuela in 1996.  Her original owners […]