The Gingerbread House

Villa Castel Fleuri, Hait Ocean Trader

Many of the old colonial houses of Haiti, otherwise known as Gingerbread Houses, have fallen on hard times.  Many were already in gradual decline before the 2010 earthquake struck Port-au-Prince.  The children whisper softly saying these houses “have spirits”.  Life must have been grand for the original owners and their immediate heirs and successors.  One […]

Haiti – Through The Eyes Of Children

 It is January and this marks another anniversary of the horrible earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010.  Each year in early January we gain another opportunity to poke a stick in the cages of the powerful forces that control life in Haiti.  The entrenched business class (they come in all colors in Haiti) has never […]

Foundation Francoise Canez Auguste


Surely one of the nicest places to meet for lunch or dinner in Port-au-Prince must be the Parc Historique de la Canne a Sucre.  The Francoise Canez Auguste Fondation must be very proud of what they have created.  The Fondation should be congratulated for preserving a unique segment of Haitian colonial history, and cultuarl artifacts. […]

jou lapli tap tonbe – Rainy Day

Magic Bus

Today Port-au-Prince was as busy as any other day. We had less sunshine and the kind of rain that only the Bananas would love. Generally speaking, rain is an inconvenience to the Haitian people. We do plenty of walking and sometimes the surfaces that we must traverse are very basic. If it rains with any […]