Caribbean Flowers – Jamie

Caribbean Blog,

Our Caribbean Blog is not enamored of femme fatales, but this Caribbean Flower reminds us of the sirens of Greek mythology. Her name is Jamie and her roots are in St. Lucia, W.I. the Helen of the Windwards. In Greek mythology the Sirens were fabled as extraordinarily beautiful creatures that would lure passage weary sailors […]

Caribbean Blog

Caribbean Blog, ocean trader 81a

Feathers – Part I This Caribbean Blog asked Hanna Lowes to tell Ocean Trader the story of Feathers her 35 foot Bristol cutter. In a previous life Ms. Lowes was a respectable Tax Consultant with a semi-ordinary life until she parted with her husband of 18 years. That is another story she is unlikely to share, […]

Triathlon Bike Sprint St. Croix

St. Croix Triathlon, OceanTrader.Co All Rights Reserved

    The 2014 Triathlon Bike Sprint race on St. Croix, Virgin Islands was a thrill to watch. Even the neighbors were out on their lawns cheering on the cyclists. The few (neighbors) that normally squeeze a little scotch in with their coffee or orange juice were especially enthusiastic. One lady sitting on the back […]

sa a se damou

Caribbean Blog, Ocean Trader - sove lanmou

Jouné ka pasé Ou ka rété sizé Ka gadé mwen san di ayen An sav’ ou fatigué An sav ou ka roulé Mè doudou,doudou, fow konprann’ mwen Fô nou sové lanmou Nou ka viv kon dé moun ki pa konêt yo A pa kon sa nou ké pé inmé nou Ou ja fè mwen la pen pépa imajinéw Si fô […]

Caribbean Flowers – Stacy

NKOSI Photography

This Caribbean Flower does not disappoint. Intriguing good looks and style are only two of her obvious endowments. Her name is Stacy and her roots are in Kingston, Jamaica. Why are there so many winning women from Jamaica? Beenie Man has already extolled the erotic virtues of the ghetto girl, but this Lady is clearly […]

Joffre George

Caribbean Blog, Ocean Trader Joffre George

Joffre George is a remarkable Virgin Islands artist that has made a name for himself throughout the Caribbean. His art and media are varied and colorful. This self taught artist works with charcoal pencil, pastels, water colors, acrylic and oil painting. Joffre’s art can be seen in many galleries and gift shops especially in the […]

West Indies Sails

Ocean Trader, Caribbean Blog Bjorn Hese

Walking through the quiet streets of Gustavia, St. Bath will eventually bring you to the door steps of West Indies Sails on the West side of the harbor. West Indies Sails is owned and operated by Bjorn Hese. Bjorn was born in Germany, but has lived on St. Bath for twenty years. He is very […]

Summer Salt

Caribbean Blog, J. Merwin "Summer Salt 1989, ocean trader

Summer Salt, an oil painting, is the title used by the late J. Merwin on this choice piece of Caribbean Art. Ms. Merwin was an artist with a rare eye for the boxy looking cottage houses of the Caribbean. There are equally enjoyable water colors crafted by this artist. Summer Salt features subdued pastel colors […]

Caribbean Flowers – Manisha

Caribbean Blog, Model Manisha by NKOSI Ocean Trader

This Caribbean Flower is Manisha. She is a professional model with outstanding credentials.  Her roots are Jamaican.  Sophisticated, demure, enculturated and drop-dead gorgeous, Manisha even makes this low-wing Piper look good. Caribbean women, like all women, cultivate their own special charm, fragrances and style. Lovely. Image By NKOSI Photography

Rich Kids

Caribbean Blog, Island Kids La Savane, St. Martin, ocean trader

Everyone is entitled to believe that their children are special, and in the Caribbean the little ones are not just special, but they are rich kids in every respect. The photo shows a gang of kids that are obviously happy and engaging. These children live in La Savane, SXM and they think nothing of interacting […]