Smoking Dragon Festival

 Smoking Dragon Festival 2015 – Imagine a land of green fields bordered by huge mountains. Imagine these lands to be situated in one of the most naturally striking locations on the planet. And finally imagine that these lands are somewhere in Southern Africa, the birthplace of humanity. This is the venue for the annual Smoking Dragon […]

Johannesburg Walkabout

A Johannesburg Walkabout – There are scads of noteworthy and sometimes dangerous enclaves in the city of Johannesburg that are worth experiencing. After a week on the road, we were ready for some city life and motored towards Gauteng with subdued relish. All images © ocean trader As we approached the mighty city it was […]

Pussy Riot Party

Pussy Riot - Graffiti Lives

Back in August it was time to get off the boat so I paid-up the marina fees and headed to Africa.  I visited the UK for three days; the Olympic confusion was in full bloom and I was happy to move along. I did not have enough time to visit Zambia on this trip, but it […]