Ile-a-Vache – Parting Shots

Morning Dock

Exploring Ile-a-Vache was an inspiring way to take out the old year. The Ocean Trader crew made a handful of new friends on this small tropic isle in Haiti. We enjoyed fancy dinners at various resorts and mingled with the international holidaymakers, but we also embraced the opportunity to cook and eat with genuinely friendly […]

The Boats Of Caye Coq

Caye Coq Crew

The Haitian Bois Fouille (bwa fouye) sailing craft is hand-hewn with framed timbers harvested from local trees.  In years past critical elements of the framing would be made out of lignum vitae and other hard woods, but today the choices have been reduced considerably.  The caulking is sourced from places and materials you would never […]

The Houses Of Ile-a-Vache

Ile-a-Vache House 4

We had camera gear, water, trail mix and the vernal goal of walking several trails across Ile-a-Vache, but on this particular day we only wanted to conquer three trails.  The ultimate goal was to photograph the neat Haitian houses of Ile-a-Vache.  We marched up the mountain at a chelonian pace following the Odakacheman Trail.  The […]

Ocean Trader – Ile-a-Vache


The atmospherics on Ile-a-Vache are pristine.  You will not encounter the dust and diesel exhaust pollution that is commonplace in Port-au-Prince.  On a normal day views to the North, or in any direction will be spectacular and clear.  Haiti still retains its tropical beauty outside of the populated areas.  There are endless countryside, pastoral and […]

Port Morgan, Ile-a-Vache

18° 06’63” N Latitude and 73° 41’78” W Longitude.  This unique Resort features ample acreage for walking, hiking, swimming and relaxing.   It is an ecologically beautiful place with many varieties of plants, flowers, birds and terrain.  The Resort staff and local population are the friendliest people you are likely to interact with throughout the entire […]