Sometimes The Color

Caribbean Art18,

Sometimes the color combinations are striking and attractive.  Caribbean art is as incommensurable as the artists that create it.  I know of several Caribbean artists that were raised on farms up North somewhere.  One of my favorite artist is actually from Montana.  This is a place where you will not see any seagulls or tamarind […]

The Haitian Cassava

Haitian Cassava Platen Baking,

Haitian cassava (kasav) is as primal as you can get when it comes to traditional Caribbean foods.  Every island culture uses cassava as a food source.  Ground provisions, as it is referred to in the Windward and Leeward islands, is also called “hard food”.  This is more a tribute to cassava’s ability to fill you […]

Labadie, A Fishing Village

Labadie Fisherman Sailing,

Labadee (Labadie) village in Haiti is a fishing village that is slowly adapting to the changing and quickly encroaching world around it.  On Christmas day the village residents wore their finest; most everyone was in church, or on their way.  As we walked by the village church on our way up the path that would take […]

Norm’s Place, A Rustic Retreat

Norm's Place Pointsetta,

Norm’s Place is a rustic retreat located in Labadee (Labadie) Bay, Haiti.  When we finally arrived at the water taxi area in Labadee it did not take long to arrange transport over to the hotel dock.  The ride over the mountain from Cap Haitien was enjoyable to say the very least.  The views of the […]