Camping In De Mer, Haiti

Camping In De Mer, Haiti – Motoring out of Cap Hatien, Nord on Route Nationale #1 we made good headway against a continuous stream of old trucks, small trucks, cars of every variety, donkey and human-powered conveyances. The flight into Cap Haitian originated in Port-au-Prince. It was a quick, but blustery ride over wicked-looking Haitian […]

Vodou Party

Caribbean Blog, vodou party

It was Christmas Eve and we were invited bayside to a vodou party. Not really knowing what a vodou party was all about made the idea more appealing. Here was an opportunity to be exposed to part of the Haitian culture that is very private to most people you meet in Haiti.  I suspect even […]

Norm’s Place, A Rustic Retreat

Norm's Place Pointsetta,

Norm’s Place is a rustic retreat located in Labadee (Labadie) Bay, Haiti.  When we finally arrived at the water taxi area in Labadee it did not take long to arrange transport over to the hotel dock.  The ride over the mountain from Cap Haitien was enjoyable to say the very least.  The views of the […]

Mirebalais Country Roads

Mirebalais Country Boy 88

On a sunny near windless day we drove north out of Port-au-Prince’s labyrinth of narrow streets heading for the country roads of Mirebalis.  Our destination was the small town of Mirebalais which is located about 60 Km northeast of the Capital. The history of Mirebalais dates back to 1703, but the roads that will take […]

The Gingerbread House

Villa Castel Fleuri, Hait Ocean Trader

Many of the old colonial houses of Haiti, otherwise known as Gingerbread Houses, have fallen on hard times.  Many were already in gradual decline before the 2010 earthquake struck Port-au-Prince.  The children whisper softly saying these houses “have spirits”.  Life must have been grand for the original owners and their immediate heirs and successors.  One […]

Maché Pétyon-vil

Street Vendor

Diri shèla, diri tca, pwa nwa, pwa be peyi, kokoye, pwason, viand bef, viand kochon and an inexhaustible variety of other foods and products are displayed for purchase at the Machè Pètyon-vil.  The entrance off the main road is narrow and is a down hill stroll.   The path is crowded with shoppers, vendor stalls […]

Haiti – Through The Eyes Of Children

 It is January and this marks another anniversary of the horrible earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010.  Each year in early January we gain another opportunity to poke a stick in the cages of the powerful forces that control life in Haiti.  The entrenched business class (they come in all colors in Haiti) has never […]

The Boats Of Caye Coq

Caye Coq Crew

The Haitian Bois Fouille (bwa fouye) sailing craft is hand-hewn with framed timbers harvested from local trees.  In years past critical elements of the framing would be made out of lignum vitae and other hard woods, but today the choices have been reduced considerably.  The caulking is sourced from places and materials you would never […]

The Houses Of Ile-a-Vache

Ile-a-Vache House 4

We had camera gear, water, trail mix and the vernal goal of walking several trails across Ile-a-Vache, but on this particular day we only wanted to conquer three trails.  The ultimate goal was to photograph the neat Haitian houses of Ile-a-Vache.  We marched up the mountain at a chelonian pace following the Odakacheman Trail.  The […]

Ocean Trader – Ile-a-Vache


The atmospherics on Ile-a-Vache are pristine.  You will not encounter the dust and diesel exhaust pollution that is commonplace in Port-au-Prince.  On a normal day views to the North, or in any direction will be spectacular and clear.  Haiti still retains its tropical beauty outside of the populated areas.  There are endless countryside, pastoral and […]