Loterie Farm

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Loterie Farm Pic Paradis 103, St. Maarten – The Loterie Farm Nature Reserve Sanctuary was an unexpected find on a four day St. Maarten holiday last year. We always head for the highest peaks in sight on an island knock about. St. Maarten is a well loved destination in itself and there is a tendency […]

Maché Pétyon-vil

Street Vendor

Diri shèla, diri tca, pwa nwa, pwa be peyi, kokoye, pwason, viand bef, viand kochon and an inexhaustible variety of other foods and products are displayed for purchase at the Machè Pètyon-vil.  The entrance off the main road is narrow and is a down hill stroll.   The path is crowded with shoppers, vendor stalls […]

The Houses Of Ile-a-Vache

Ile-a-Vache House 4

We had camera gear, water, trail mix and the vernal goal of walking several trails across Ile-a-Vache, but on this particular day we only wanted to conquer three trails.  The ultimate goal was to photograph the neat Haitian houses of Ile-a-Vache.  We marched up the mountain at a chelonian pace following the Odakacheman Trail.  The […]

Ocean Trader – Ile-a-Vache


The atmospherics on Ile-a-Vache are pristine.  You will not encounter the dust and diesel exhaust pollution that is commonplace in Port-au-Prince.  On a normal day views to the North, or in any direction will be spectacular and clear.  Haiti still retains its tropical beauty outside of the populated areas.  There are endless countryside, pastoral and […]

Port Morgan, Ile-a-Vache

18° 06’63” N Latitude and 73° 41’78” W Longitude.  This unique Resort features ample acreage for walking, hiking, swimming and relaxing.   It is an ecologically beautiful place with many varieties of plants, flowers, birds and terrain.  The Resort staff and local population are the friendliest people you are likely to interact with throughout the entire […]

Webb Chiles And Gannet

  Not too long ago Webb Chiles sold his 37 foot sloop Hawke of Tuonela.   It is no longer “news” that this circumnavigator has purchased and upgraded an Olson designed Moore 24 (hull No. 40).  Webb Chiles is a great sailor who has nothing to prove at this juncture, but when he brings new […]

jou lapli tap tonbe – Rainy Day

Magic Bus

Today Port-au-Prince was as busy as any other day. We had less sunshine and the kind of rain that only the Bananas would love. Generally speaking, rain is an inconvenience to the Haitian people. We do plenty of walking and sometimes the surfaces that we must traverse are very basic. If it rains with any […]

Sailing To Samana

Coco - Sailing To Samana

Tony Massa and his wife Joan sailed to the Dominican Republic last month.  They were blessed with good departure weather on the outbound leg, and a not so favorable forecast on the return passage.  The boat was a steel cutter-rigged sloop named Drum Roll. Tony purchased Drum Roll in Venezuela in 1996.  Her original owners […]