Labadie, A Fishing Village

Labadie Fisherman Sailing,

Labadee (Labadie) village in Haiti is a fishing village that is slowly adapting to the changing and quickly encroaching world around it.  On Christmas day the village residents wore their finest; most everyone was in church, or on their way.  As we walked by the village church on our way up the path that would take […]

Norm’s Place, A Rustic Retreat

Norm's Place Pointsetta,

Norm’s Place is a rustic retreat located in Labadee (Labadie) Bay, Haiti.  When we finally arrived at the water taxi area in Labadee it did not take long to arrange transport over to the hotel dock.  The ride over the mountain from Cap Haitien was enjoyable to say the very least.  The views of the […]

Last Ferry To West End

Caribbean Sailing 34, Ocean Trader

I joke often with Page Astle, a long time sailing friend, about the last ferry to West End.  Page had convinced her entire sales team to take a sailing holiday in the Virgins.  The only salts onboard were Page and a fellow named Howard.  The rest of the crew of 6 were along for the […]

Radar Love

Caribbean Sailin, Ocean Trader 72

The skipper (Crazy Bruce of Vieques) had what anyone would refer to as “radar love”.  Bruce had to bite down hard on the bullet when he forked over about 10% of the total value of his sloop to purchase and install one of the new Broadband radar systems on his 36 foot sailboat.  Lord knows […]

Sail To St. Croix, V.I.

Caribbean Sailing Ocean Trader

Sail to St. Croix and spend some time getting to know this very different Virgin. St. Croix, V.I. is the island where one can really appreciate and explore the plenteous and some times brutal history of the Virgin Islands.  There is an abundance of history on every Caribbean Island, but on St. Croix that history […]

A Caribbean Garden

Ocean Trader Garden

A Caribbean garden brings to mind a famous poem.. Such was that happy garden state, While Man there walked without a Mate: After a place, so pure and sweet, What other Help could yet be meet!…. ….How well the skillful Gardner drew Of flowers and herbs this dial new; Where from above the milder Sun Does […]

Caribbean Sailing With AIS

Caribbean sailing with an AIS transponder like the Vesper Marine XB8000 is the way to go.  Are you thinking about adding AIS capability to your boat?  Now that there are several manufacturers and price structures to choose from this is probably the next best safety equipment that deserves your hard-earned dollars.  Getting straight to the point, […]

Replacing MD2030 Raw Water Pump

Replacing the MD2030 raw water pump on this Volvo Penta diesel engine is a chore that can be successfully accomplished by the average boater with a decent array of tools including metric wrenches.  The MD2030  (Marine Diesel) is getting old in terms of existing installations.  These engines are solid little workhorses that have been installed […]

Class40 Swag

BTBoats Ltd manages the production and marketing of the KIWI 40FC.  The factory is located in Wellington, New Zealand.  This bad boy was designed by Farr Yacht Design and features resin infusion construction technology.  Das Boat Baby!  This machine is a production boat designed within the Class40 design parameters. 

Ile-a-Vache – Parting Shots

Morning Dock

Exploring Ile-a-Vache was an inspiring way to take out the old year. The Ocean Trader crew made a handful of new friends on this small tropic isle in Haiti. We enjoyed fancy dinners at various resorts and mingled with the international holidaymakers, but we also embraced the opportunity to cook and eat with genuinely friendly […]