Labadie, A Fishing Village

Labadie Fisherman Sailing,

Labadee (Labadie) village in Haiti is a fishing village that is slowly adapting to the changing and quickly encroaching world around it.  On Christmas day the village residents wore their finest; most everyone was in church, or on their way.  As we walked by the village church on our way up the path that would take […]

Best Of 2013

Forgive us for playing “the best of card”, but here are the photos that appear to be the most appreciated based on the total number of viewing clicks by visitors. Ninety percent of our photos are produced by This is no small feat considering the locations that we travel to. A special thank […]

The Atacama – Sailing In The Desert

Desert Walk

The Atacama Desert in Northern Chile is one of the driest places to be found on our planet. There are many signature attributes of this incredible land mass.  It is an arid region with cool climates in addition to the warmer temperatures one would expect to find in a desert.   The ancient graves of prehistoric […]

Cuba And The Union Jack

Alejandro emailed to bring us up too speed on Juliana’s new baby boy (Felipe) and life on the farm in Eastern Cuba.  He jokingly tells me he can trade all of the Olympic souvenirs he acquired last summer in the UK for carpentry work,  milk and meat.  Even in rural Cuba the Union Jack (Union […]

Biltong and Black Mambas

When Mathew invited Jacob to ride along with him on a delivery trip to Nelspruit, the out of work mechanic jumped at the chance to do something besides hang around the neighborhood watching other people being productive. Mathew owned a small trucking company and he would get overflow trucking jobs from local factories, farmers and […]

Ile-a-Vache – Parting Shots

Morning Dock

Exploring Ile-a-Vache was an inspiring way to take out the old year. The Ocean Trader crew made a handful of new friends on this small tropic isle in Haiti. We enjoyed fancy dinners at various resorts and mingled with the international holidaymakers, but we also embraced the opportunity to cook and eat with genuinely friendly […]

The Houses Of Ile-a-Vache

Ile-a-Vache House 4

We had camera gear, water, trail mix and the vernal goal of walking several trails across Ile-a-Vache, but on this particular day we only wanted to conquer three trails.  The ultimate goal was to photograph the neat Haitian houses of Ile-a-Vache.  We marched up the mountain at a chelonian pace following the Odakacheman Trail.  The […]

Ocean Trader – Ile-a-Vache


The atmospherics on Ile-a-Vache are pristine.  You will not encounter the dust and diesel exhaust pollution that is commonplace in Port-au-Prince.  On a normal day views to the North, or in any direction will be spectacular and clear.  Haiti still retains its tropical beauty outside of the populated areas.  There are endless countryside, pastoral and […]

Webb Chiles And Gannet

  Not too long ago Webb Chiles sold his 37 foot sloop Hawke of Tuonela.   It is no longer “news” that this circumnavigator has purchased and upgraded an Olson designed Moore 24 (hull No. 40).  Webb Chiles is a great sailor who has nothing to prove at this juncture, but when he brings new […]

bouyon blan ak poul pa Madam Antoine

  Madam ANTOINE se yon madanm ayisyen lap viv  nan kay ak maril, 3 pitit gason,ak 1 pitit pitit fi  li, lakay madanm sa  ou jwenn lajwa,lanmou,afeksyon,lew rive kay mandanm sa pagen pa manje,min manje yo pi renmin se bouyon blan ak poul paske li pa pran anpil tan poul kwuit.       bouyon blan ak […]