Sony A7II Photo Trek

Making friends with the new Sony A7II on a trek through Santiago, Chile was an enjoyable challenge. The Ocean Trader crew uses any camera gear we can get our hands on including smartphones. The old axe about the “best camera” being the one in hand still stands. This new sensor stabilized mirrorless camera encourages the user to just keep shooting. The heft and feel are just right; the onboard computer and manual controls will delight even jaded pros. This is a camera that truly begs pity for anyone that buys a ridiculously expensive camera (i.e. Leica). The cameras in the Sony A7 series will not cost the price of a good used car, and these cameras will give the photographer all the tools and features needed to produce beautiful photos. The glass that is attached makes all the difference. The A7II’s features are plentiful and this camera is equipped with a very capable computer.


We explored Santiago for a week before heading south to other parts of Chile. There were a few days of blue skies and good lighting, but also a couple of days of skies that looked more like brown scud with matching pollution which made breathing problematic. The Metro system in Santiago is one of the best in South America. It is clean, safe, modern, inexpensive and easy to use. The Santiago Metro will get you where you need to go, or within blocks of it. Riding this subway system was fun and gave us a good feel for the denizens of this great city. Images © ocean trader


Before heading off to experience the street life in many of Santiago’s neat barrios, we decided to take on Parque Metropolitano De Santiago. A first blush the title of Metropolitan Park may not sound very appealing, but this was no ordinary park. The PMS is a huge area that also incorporates mountainous elevations above Santiago. The park is popular with the locals who can be seen jogging, cycling, walking and running throughout the park’s many sectors especially on weekends. Our goal was to get to the top of Cerro San Cristobal if only to say that we did it; a few photos were also in order. Please read up on the new mirrorless cameras from Sony if you might be buying a camera any time soon. This blog only attempts to publish a few of the many outstanding photos we captured in Santiago de Chile. A video sample can also be viewed hereImages © ocean trader


Santiago is a wonderful city to explore. The restaurants are legend, and so is the wine. Restaurant Don Carlos was exceptionally good. The famed restaurant Galindo was small and crowded forcing the waiting staff to constantly shuffle tables and chairs to accommodate arriving patrons – a complete pain in the ass. We especially enjoyed our evenings at Barrio Bellavista and other neighborhoods. Other Santiago spots that were agreeable diversions were the produce market at La Vega and the Mercado Central where the seafood displays and market atmosphere should not be missed. The Ocean Trader posse never ran out of places and people to photograph with the Sony A7II.  This camera can be tamed to produce fine photos and videos;  in the hands of a photographer it will produce few disappontments. Santiago de Chile is south of the equator and it was an uncommon location for a warm weather Christmas and New Year. We could have lingered in Santiago for one or two more days, but the Dakar Rally and other points of interest beckoned. Images © ocean trader



  1. The pictures speak for themselves. This was a unique (better) quick view of what the A7II can do. Some of the technical (pro-babble) reviews do little to hide the Sony haters from their yang-yang talking head bullshit. I like the idea of creative technology. This particular camera is a good example of that.

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