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Bush Lore

Land Rover Defender Pickup Truck www.oceantrader.coWe could not resist the charm and funky character of this old Land Rover Defender pickup while overlanding in Botswana. This vehicle is full of stories. Here is a tale, or two. Image © nkosiphotography


Caribbean Blog, www.oceantrader.coA handsome custom steel cruiser being brought back to bristol condition in a Caribbean boatyard. This boat will not be on the hard for hurricane season. The exodus to Southern latitudes has already begun. Boats that elect to stay in the Windward and Leeward islands have more aggressive hurricane strategies in addition to being hauled for storage. Image © ocean trader

Dinner Ashore

Caribbean Blog, www.oceantrader.coA Friday evening grill-out in Grand Case, SXM could turn into a midnight debauch if the crew stays for the street band jump-up. That beer keg has seen better days. Image © ocean trader

Wing Man

Caribbean Blog, kite boarding www.oceantrader.coThis kiteboarder is suiting up for a flight. Once airborne he was hitting his box just right and staying very nicely above the water. It would be easy to imagine what the kiter is thinking as he glides back onto the water while manuevering his sail for best wind angle. Image © ocean trader

Busking With Coconuts

Ocean Trader, Pirates Of The Caribbean BlogLooking more like Pirates Of The Caribbean, Joey entertained the crowd on the STX Boardwalk while vending freshly picked nuts. The two Ladies, from Moscow, joined in on the fun and street theater. All that was missing was someone playing a sax, or strumming some Bob Marley tunes. Image © ocean trader

Get On The Boat This Weekend

caribbean blog, sailing www.oceantrader.coGet out on the boat this weekend. The weather promises to be near perfect for a frolic out to the cays, or even an overnight to your favorite bay. Size does matter, but we must work with the oxen that we have and not with the oxen that we want! Get up off your collective asses mates! Image © ocean trader

Gas, Oil And X Band

Caribbean Blog, Gustavia Harbor Bustle www.oceantrader.coOh yeah, nearly forgot to mention S Band and Iridium…the new face of the Caribbean. The tiny center consoles with twin Yamaha V-250’s look a bit over-powered. Image © ocean trader

Wind Out Of The West

Caribbean Blog, oceantarder.coThe wind did some dancing this morning in this anchorage, but only for about 30 minutes. How can we explain these events? We can guess of course and rely on our glorious Trade Winds to blow from the appropriate direction. Image © www.oceantrader.co

Country Folk

Caribbean Blog, oceantrader.co Haitian Mother and ChildA mother and her daughter were happy to share the moment in this pic taken out in the Las Cohabas countryside in Haiti. The mesne welcomed the Ocean Trader crew into her yard to chat and enjoy some very sweet coconuts. There is no better refreshment after a long trek through the bush. Image © ocean trader

Gustavia Outer Anchorage

Caribbean Blog, oceantrader.co St. Barts AnchorageAn elegant motor yacht sits anchored in a Gustavia, St. Bath outer anchorage. This photo was taken seconds before a spirited rain squall blew in with gusting wind and pelting rain. Even the seagulls freaked. Tucked in behind the hill, this yacht was not affected by the shifty winds funneling down the hill. Image © ocean trader

St. Barts Local Color

St. Barts, Caribbean Blog, Ocean TraderHere it is in color. St. Bath’s (St. Barts) Gustavia harbor with the mystic Saba island laying to the southwest. A day trip by Sint. Maarten ferry is a fun way to visit this jewel of an island. Image © ocean trader


Caribbean Blog, oceantrader.coCoffee on deck was a simple pleasure until some Haole comes flying through the anchorage at max speed. Here is a bloke that thinks he is still on the freeway. Will it really matter if he gets to his boatyard job five minutes later? Not to the people he leaves rolling in his wake. We pray he will save enough money to sail back to wherever he came from. Image © ocean trader

A Good Acre

Caribbean Blog, oceantrader.coA Caribbean catamaran has the whole roadstead to itself. With no immediate neighbors swinging room and dinghy traffic are not issues. Sheets of rain can be seen along with streaks of sunlight piercing through the clouds. Image © ocean trader

Frenchtown Cut

Caribbean Blog, Ocean TraderS/V Macabeca glides through the Frenchtown Cut between Frenchtown and Hassel Island. Years ago there was no existing channel. Sailing and steam vessels used the St. Thomas harbor entrance. Image © ocean trader

Down South

ocean trader, Caribbean Blog, Fine Art Photography All Rights ReservedThis black and white Ocean Trader photo is entitled “Down South” and it is available as tastefully framed fine art. If you have the right wall for this piece email Ocean Trader for details. Image © oceantrader.co

Peaceful Sunday

Caribbean Blog, oceantrader.co Bio and his childrenCrucian Dad Bio and his children fishing Krause Lagoon on St. Croix. All the children appeared to be intense fishermen and fisher ladies. It was an overcast Sunday, but the snappers were biting. Image © ocean trader

The Sun Never Sets

Caribbean Blog Ocean TraderYet another awesome mega yacht posted-up at a Sint Maarten marina. This type of boat has certainly changed the marina business model throughout the Caribbean, and not necessarily for the better. Image © ocean trader

St. Croix Triathlon 2014

St. Croix Triathlon, Caribbean Blog Ocean TraderThe St. Croix Triathlon enjoyed Class A Caribbean weather for all the scheduled events on Sunday, 04MAY14. Ocean Trader was keen on following the Bike Sprints. See more photos in the CariBlog. Image © ocean trader

Bien Entretenu

Ocean Trader, Caribbean Blog CruiserWe sailed back to Marigot to repair a defective header tank bundle that was pissing salt water out the over-flow tube. We spotted this well kept Tricolor cruiser a few slips away. Time to start thinking about Hurricane Season logistics. Oh joy! Image © ocean trader

It Is Safe To Go Back Now

Caribbean Colors, Ocean TraderCarnival on St. Thomas is one of the reasons why we own boats and aircraft. If you can not afford those then buy an airline ticket or a cruise to the fiords in Norway. If everyone agrees it is a drunkfest why do people have to die? If we keep silent about our worst problems (like morons with guns and badges), then we richly deserve the consequences. Image © ocean trader

Christiansted Harbor

Ocean Trader, Caribbean Blog Christiansted HarborChristiansted Harbor anchorage remains a sleepy cluster of moored boats. In years past there were more boats moored, or in transit. The main anchorage is in the lee of Hotel On The Cay. The controlling depth is about seven feet. The downwind (lee shore) area begins with Water Gut which is still a public shoreline and a favorite gathering spot for Crucians. Image © ocean trader

Sticky Toffee

Ocean Trader, Caribbean Blog Sticky ToffeeSticky Toffee is a Hanse 630e sloop designed by judel/vrolijik & Co. and launched in 2008. We spotted her in the Leeward Islands recently. This view of her Flexiteak decks and carbon rig is impressive. Image © ocean trader

St. Thomas Dollar Bus

Caribbean Blog, Ocean Trader St. Thomas Dollar BusYachties can use the St. Thomas Dollar Bus to get around the island. These open air safari busses are fun transport at a fair price. Image © ocean trader

Caribbean Charter Yacht

Caribbean Blog, Ocean Trader Yacht AureliusSailing Yacht Aurelius is one of the finest charter yachts cruising the Caribbean. This is the yacht the monied salts book for a truly luxurious week on a modern classic. Aurelius was designed by Gerald Dijkstra and launched in 2004. She has been refitted since and is maintained with no cost spared. This sloop is 76 feet in length with a fairly narrow beam so she is fast and sure-footed. Besides a long waterline length this boat features clean deck areas and an elegant interior. Aurelius was built by K&M yacht builders. This boat is a stunning sight under full press of sail. Image © ocean trader

Neighborhood Rides

Ocean Trader, Caribbean Blog Neighborhood Marina Oyster Bay, Sint MaartenThe neighbors (Oyster Bay, Sint Martin) all have something that floats. They actually greet each other on the road and even tolerate the kids taking a shortcut through thier yard on the way back home.  Image © ocean trader.co

Corsair Cruiser Tri

Ocean Trader, Caribbean Blog Corsair 37CRThe Corsair 37CR is a big trimaran with more room and cruising comfort designed into the interior and cockpit. She sails fast and flat in a relaxed seaway. The galley, settee area and enclosed head are all nicely done compared to previous models. Expect to see more of these boats making long-haul passages. This is the escape pod we have been waiting for.  Image © ocean trader

Twin Otter Water Taxi

Ocean Trader, Caribbean Blog DHC-6 Twin OtterA de Havilland Twin Otter (DHC-6) cued-up for a morning flight on St. Croix, Virgin Islands. The islanders use these aircraft as an inter-island shuttle. Nothing beats a floatplane for over water flying. Image © ocean trader

Business End Of Things

Ocean Trader, Caribbean Blog Catamaran WheelhouseA cushion or hybrid beam bag seat would be nice. Image © ocean trader

You Lucky Bad!

Ocean Trader, Caribbean Blog Fish For SaleAs I bolted down the last stretch of dirt road leading to the rickety old dock I could see the bowman setting up to push off. They must have seen the dirt cloud heading down the hill. Captain Pierre Justin yells out “you lucky bad” as he throws two very nice groupers onto the dock. The bowman then pushes off with Pierre Justin grunting “No time to make change. Rain soon come. Pay me next week”. Image © ocean trader

In The Morning They Were Gone

Ocean Trader, Caribbean Blog Oyster Bay anchorageCap’n Zack and his mate Tulia motor-sailed with the mainsail making their easting before falling onto a close reach heading down towards St. Kitts. We were rafted-up like two peas in a pod the night before. The wine and grilled snapper made for good sleeping. We did not hear them break free and power out of the cove in Oyster Bay. They were well out to sea by the time we put the coffee on.  Image © ocean trader

St. Thomas AM Atmospherics

St. Thomas Early Morning www.oceantrader.co

Early morning light bathes St. Thomas hills. Image © ocean trader

Just Right

Ocean Trader, Caribbean Blog CatamaranSome catamarans look like ungainly layered cakes. Some cats look just right. This type of boat will always look right if the design parameters were intended for sailors and not housewives, or rabid consumers with no evolved nautical esthetic. Image © ocean trader

An Old Haitian Kiln

Ocean Trader, Caribbean Blog Haitian KilnThis place captures the quintessence of the classic dungeon. It is a very old Haitian kiln used for firing and hardening masonry rocks carved out of the mountainside and cured with molasses and animal blood. It is possible one or two problem people ended up on the wrong side of that door.  Image © ocean trader

Opulent Kit

Ocean Trader, Caribbean Blog Bucket RaceWhat’s not to like?   Image © ocean trader

Jamrock Food Porn

Jamaican Fish and Fried Plantains www.oceantrader.co

A good fry fish and plantain with plenty veggies. Oh Lard! image © nkosi photography

SXM Beach Gear

St. Maarten Beach Toys www.oceantrader.co

St Maarten beach life knows no limits. image © ocean trader

Bring Back The Caribbean Flowers

Caribbean Blog, oceantrader.co

Ocean Trader receives a steady stream of requests for more Caribbean Flowers. Do not loose hope. We are thinking about it. image © Nkosi Photography


St. Thomas Harbor and Ferry Terminal www.oceantrader.co

St. Thomas harbor, waterfront and ferry terminal. image © ocean trader

Bucket Race 2014

Ocean Trader, Caribbean Blog, Gustavia HarborThe Bucket Race in St. Bath, F.W.I. starts this week, but that did not discourage the big boats from berthing early. There will be more than a few truly extraordinary yachts in attendance. Ocean Trader is not very interested in Yacht racing, but getting people together for organized fun is always a good idea. Image © ocean trader

Bikini Beach Buggies

Caribbean Blog, Bikini Beach Buggies ocean traderBikini Beach is in the Orient Beach neighborhood. Sint Maarten (SXM) is still the most fun destination in the Caribbean. If motorized holiday makers and nudist sunbathers are a distraction head for the far ends of the beach, or anchor out. Image © ocean trader

A Cigarette Habit

Caribbean Blog, Crucian Kids ocean traderIf your Dad owns a 32 foot speedster with twin inboards turning exotic stainless steel props then you might be forgiven if you grow up not knowing a bowline from a bow tie. These Crucian Kids were personable, but amused by our sailing routine. They all agreed they would be anchored at Buck Island by the time our sloop cleared the harbor. Sailors like speed too, but it is all very relative, kind of.. Image © ocean trader

Teague Bay, St. Croix

Caribbean Blog, Teague Bay ocean traderTeagque Bay, St. Croix (Virgin Islands) is the happy home of the SCYC. Years ago it was an ideal spot for an early morning swim, walking the dog and catching lobster and conch in shallow water. This vista is looking westward from Romney Point  Image © ocean trader

Cruzian Iguana

Caribbean Blog, Iguana ocean traderThis herbivorous lizard is no leprechaun. His outfit sports tail stripes and the greenest green you will ever see, but just try calling a Cruzian iguana “Patty” and it will change colors on you in a flash!  Image © ocean trader

Salt River Anchorage

Caribbean Blog, Salt River Anchorage Ocean TraderEven Columbus appreciated this anchorage. How he managed to get beyond the reef without an engine is remarkable. Salt River in St. Croix, Virgin Islands is still a verdant and protected spot notwithstanding a few storm-tossed wrecks and abandoned dock pilings. One might even find a friendly liveaboard.  Image © Ocean Trader

Scandinavian Class

Caribbean Blog, Swedish One Design in St. Bath, ocean traderThis trailered one design (Gustavia Harbor, St. Bath) carries a Swedish ensign. This sloop has pleasing lines and efficient underwater appendages. Image © ocean trader

Jack Iron Bay And The Ganja Pirates

Jack Iron Bay www.oceantrader.co

This tranquil beach was once a popular landing spot in the Ganja trade. The real Pirates of the Caribbean don’t look like hairdressers with phony eye patches. One famous runner was reputed to off-load a case of Jack Iron rum as a spif to the big buyers. Yes Mon! Monkey know which tree to climb. image © ocean trader

The Cruising Life

Caribbean Blog, St. Martin Anchorage, Ocean TraderSint Maarten (St. Martin) has a vibrant and colorful cruising community at any given time of the year. It is a vivacious island with loads of money flowing into and out of the local economy. It is a cruising destination that can be relied on to provide temporary employment, good boatyards, world-class chandleries and easy access to inter-island, and international flights. You can always tell when a cruising boat and crew are ready to move on. Boats that have settled into a shoreside routine are dressed-out with sunshades, other comfort features, and nonessential gear is stowed. This morning four boats departed for the Virgin Islands. Three boats were heading for Gustavia harbour in St. Bath, and yet another three boats were heading offshore to St. Kitts and points beyond. SXM is a Caribbean crossroads with many excellent anchorages; it is a worthwhile waypoint to the passage weary cruiser.  Image © Ocean Trader

2014 Heineken Regatta

Heineken Regatta Photo, Caribbean Blog www.oceantrader.coThe 34th Heineken Regatta is the joint! The parties continue tonight Dredd! Image Courtesy Of Heineken Regatta ®

Dinghy Ashore For Baguettes

Caribbean Blog, Dinghy Ashore For Baguettes www.oceantrader.coFirst order of the day is an early morning dinghy ride for supplies and a quick WIFI. Et ne pas oublier le fromage et le vin. Image © www.oceantrader.co

Back On The French Side, I Think

Caribbean Blog, French Side www.oceantrader.coThe buzz on the beach is the SXM Heineken Regatta of course, but the cruising sailors are not fooled by this yacht racing confusion.  We are here for the parties.  I think the only people that really care about the minutia of sailboat racing are the sailors themselves. These folk are notorious party freaks after they put the boats away. If you want to have a good time you gotta hang with the sailors! Meanwhile I think we plan to get seriously laidback on this beach.  Image © www.oceantrader.co

A 24 Ft. Schooner Dinghy

Caribbean Blog, Mercator 7.60m Schooner www.oceantrader.coWhile there is  plenty of exotic boat flesh arriving for the 2014 Heineken Regatta it might be easy to miss some of the smaller sailing craft in the SXM marinas. This design is a Mercator Schooner. This is a 24′ 11″ two-masted dinghy that can accommodate a crew of 11. I think it was designed with shallow water exploration and sail training in mind. For sail training half of the 11 person capacity would be a better arrangement. The Mercator Schooner was designed by Yves Loday of France, has a L.O.A. of 7.60m, a beam of 2.00m and weighs 435 kg (about 960 lb.). The mainsail is 10m² and the foresail is 4.00m². This will be a fun boat to learn small boat sailing, and an enjoyable design for daysails in good weather. Image © www.oceantrader.co

A Rainy Caribbean Morning

Caribbean Blog, Rainy Morning www.oceantrader.coThe rain started to fall around 06:00 AM, but by 07:30 AM the sun was busting through the clouds. A salty breeze off the ocean and a busy bird population counters the old axe about “red skies in the morning”.  Image © www.oceantrader.co

The Family Jewels

Caribbean Blog, Brightwork www.oceantrader.coThe brightwork on this yacht is up to snuff for a supremely grand boat such as this. Exposed metals and pampered woodwork indeed! Image © www.oceantrader.co

Gustavia Harbor Today

Caribbean Blog, Gustav Harbor Scene, www.oceantrader.coIn 1784 in a swap for a prized warehouse in Gothenburg harbor, King Gustav III of Sweden was given the island of St. Barthelemy by Louis XVI of France.  By 1878 Sweden was ready to do a flip and sold St. Barth back to France. There are still residents on St. Barth that are descendants of the original Swedish and French settlers. The Scandinavian Cross can also be seen on several local boats in the harbor.  The only group of inhabitants of this pearl of an island who could claim to have been thrown under the bus on these land swaps would be the indigenous Carib indians who fiercely rebuffed settlement attempts until 1660.  Image © www.oceantrader.co

Rite De Passage

Caribbean Blog, Sloop clears Simpson Lagoon Bridge www.oceantrader.coA beautiful Bristol 32 sloop sets a course for open water as it transits the Simpson Lagoon bridge in Sint Maarten.  Image © www.oceantrader.co

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