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Water Vapor

Caribbean Hurricane Temperatures, www.oceantrader.coThe August summer heat generates water vapor that can be considered hurricane fuel. As tropical disturbances march across the ocean from Africa water vapor fuels and strengthens these systems into potent hurricanes. NOAA has predicated a less active storm season this year, but all it takes is one tropical cyclone to ruin your day. Image © ocean trader

Jade Mountain

Jade Mountain, St. Lucia photoThe vista from the infinity pool includes the majestic Pitons and the ocean looking southward. The guests of the exclusive Jade Mountain retreat in St. Lucia, W.I. can pamper themselves with Buddha Bar music, French wine and Frangipani scented island breezes. This would be one of several matchless suites. Image ® Jade Mountain 

Negative Ions

Paradise Beach, www.oceantrader.coOn the beach or ocean you can expect to breath clean sea air, but did you know that you are also benefiting from exposure to the negative ions that the sea air generates? Negative ions are known to elevate our mood, peak our senses, turbo-charge our appetite and even give our interest in sex a boost. Negative ions pump-up our alpha brain waves in ways few other environments can duplicate. The immediate benefits of strolling down this Caribbean beach will not be found in the city. Country air comes in at a distant second place and polluted city air can boast of having nearly no measurable negative ions. This may sound like scientific conjecture to the millions of people that have never left their footprints in the sand. Image © ocean trader

The Lost Calf

Ocean Trader, Caribbean BlogLast week someone commented that a large female dolphin was frequently seen cruising by this part of the marina. This in itself is not unusual, but there is a story to be told. It appears that a speeding power boat sliced open and killed a baby dolphin that had gotten lost. The mother dolphin continued to search for her missing kin for about three weeks. Image © ocean trader

Mango Melee STX

Caribbean Blog, oceantrader.coA Crucian lady hand picks fresh mango and carambola fruit at the 2014 Mango Melee. The crowd was thick and boisterous. This is a fun fruit festival that takes place at the St. George Village Botanical Garden on St. Croix, Virgin Islands. In addition to fruit there was music, a variety of food, neat art,crafts and plants on sale. Image © ocean trader

Virgin Defiled On The Beach

Caribbean Blog, Virgin Beach Defiled, ocean traderStrolling down a St. Croix, VI beach one early morning brought us to an environmental crime scene. Someone has cut into the natural foliage that lines this lovely beach to build what appears to be a theme park. A pirates den if you will. Can people really do this kind of thing on an island with too many laws already? We found the tree line decimated to accommodate benches, a bar and what must be a privy. This was no Easter weekend campsite. Despoiling the beach to play pirates for the daysailing crowd has no merit. Arrgh! Did the pirates really speak like that? Unlikely. Maybe reprobate drunkards such as Cap’n Pisscum and the Perverted Pirates! Arrgh, here b me land use permit mates! This tragedy of the commons is just as horrible as the locals that allow their dogs to shit on the beach, and our placated brethen that leave their garbage and abandoned party shacks for someone else to cleanup. This sucks big time!  Image © ocean trader

Boat Works

Caribbean Blog, www.oceantrader.coThis is just about the most decadent boat jewelry you can commission for your boat. A mast and standing rigging refit will set you back several boat units, but what joy to see the yard crane install that newly sprayed spar. The Caribbean has many excellent boatyards staffed by skilled workers that have seen it all, and done it all. Image © ocean trader

das ist boot baby!

Ocean Trader, Caribbean blog SportfishermanOnce more on the size does matter argument. On this sportfisherman both bridges boast A/C and fish by wire rods. Just joking (about the rods). Image © ocean trader


Caribbean Blog, www.oceantrader.co LaborieThis is Laborie Bay in the Laborie Quarter of St. Lucia, West Indies. This is the golden hour when daylight fades into the mysterious veil of nightfall. If you own a home on this hill you are truly blessed. Image © nkosi photography

Homemade Escape Pod

Caribbean Blog, www.coeantrader.coThis aluminum sloop was built in Germany and fared just fine on her trans-Atlantic passage. The brushed hull and custom windvane self-steering device are neat features of this stout little ship. Tiller steering is a natural for this size boat. The stern mounted rudder is obviously the weakest link. There must be a few more trekkers in Deutschland and other points that will be launching escape pods soon. Image © ocean trader

This Time Of Year

Flamboyant Tree, Caribbean Blog www.oceantrader.coEvery summer Caribbean colors are boldly enhanced with blooming Flamboyant trees. The flame red Royal Poinciana suddenly appears as if by magic, and everyone is delighted. Visiting tourist are notorious seed smugglers of this deciduous wonder. Flamboyant trees are common in other parts of the world such as India, Pakistan, Nepal and Madagascar. Their upwelling muscular roots have been known to destabilize buildings and roadways. Image © ocean trader


ocean trader, Caribbean BlogBurning daylight on a bayside dock is a simple diversion for the young. Summer time in the Caribbean passes quickly for the school bound. Hurricane Season and rainy days can change things quickly.  Image © ocean trader

Wrought Iron Art

ocean trader, Caribbean Blog VillaA welded wrought iron gate is handmade art for this Caribbean Villa. With age this iron alloy takes on a crimson patina that glistens nicely in the sun. Image © ocean trader

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