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Full Moon Sailing

Full Moon Sailing, Caribbean Blog www.oceantrader.coLa luna llena on any Caribbean island makes for enchanted motion through the waves with good visibility and gentle sea breezes. Image © ocean trader

Day Tripsters

SV Athena, Caribbean Blog www.oceantrader.coThe cutter-rigged schooner Athena sails off Caneel Bay, St. John (VI). If you left your boat in water this hurricane season you have no excuse for not getting out on the water. Image© ocean trader

SkimCaribbean Redux

SkimCaribbean, Caribbean Blog www.oceantrader.coInstructor (i)Ray and crew take a moment out of their skim boarding drills to give us a pic on Morningstar Beach (St. Thomas, VI). Ray is an intense athlete and a positive icon for these young skim boarders. Please visit the SkimCaribbean website to get the latest word on this neat sport. Image © ocean trader

Caribbean Rainy Days

Caribbean Blog, Oceanis 45An Oceanis 45 gets ready to head offshore on a rainy SXM morning. We can expect most of the convective wx to continue to affect the Virgin and Puerto through the weekend. Image © ocean trader

Adventure Travel Haiti

Caribbean Blog, Haiti Culture www.oceantrader.coHaiti remains one of the last destinations in the Caribbean that offers unvarnished adventure travel opportunities, and exposure to a rich indigenous culture. This is a typical street scene in any Haitian town. Please explore the possibilities in the OceanTrader.Co Haiti section. Click here.

Life Aboard A Mega Yacht

Caribbean Blog, Mega Yacht FunLife aboard a mega yacht must provide some fun times for the crew. We do not have a clue what these two yacht hostesses are up to, but we can assume they are up for some amusement. Image © ocean trader

A Caribbean Backyard

Caribbean blog, Teaque Bay St. Croix, Virgin IslandsThis backyard will keep you sane after a long day at work. This particular landscape is on the charming island of St. Croix in the Virgins. Image © ocean trader

Busy Port

Caribbean Blog, Crown Bay www.oceantrader.coSt. Thomas, Virgin Islands Crown Bay Container Port is one of the busiest in the Caribbean.  Towed barges and Roll-on Roll-off traffic 24/7 is the norm. Image © ocean trader

Fine Lines And Fine Art

Caribbean Blog, www.oceantrader.co Traditional SloopThis is another fine art photo suitable for framing. Email www.oceantrader.co for a complete catalog of the marine series. Image © ocean trader

Wonderful Anchorage, Brill WX

Caribbean Blog, Paradise Anchorage www.oceantrader.coIt may be hurricane season, but the weather here in Sint Maarten is absolutely CAVU. Trade winds are blowing, sun is out in full force and all is well; at least in this anchorage. Image © ocean trader

Marina Art

Caribbean Blog, www.oceantrader.coThis painting really reveals a simplicity that can be found at the marina dock. That simplicity is not the same reality for the boat owner and dock workers.  Fine art image © ocean trader

Out Of Africa

Caribbean Blog, Paradise Beach, www.oceantrader.coWe’re back! The OTC posse packed-up, locked-up, left the lights on and headed to Africa for our summer vacation. We are happy to back on the beach of course. Could things be any better than this? Things could be worst right? Yes, we could be in Detroit or any number of demoralized urban sinkholes in America. Image © ocean trader

Ocean Trader Instagram

Caribbean Blog, www.oceantrader.co Instagram

Follow Ocean Trader on Instagram. Adventure travel, Caribbean photo threads and just about anything that crosses our wake. Images © www.oceantrader.co

Tender Luxury

T/T Panthalassa Tender, Caribbean BlogThe Ocean Trader posse spotted this gem of a dinghy in a Windward Island marina. There are many things money cannot buy, but this launch is not one of them. Image © ocean trader

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