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Shipwreck Utopia

ocean_trader_2012DThis Jack Iron sloop was once a notorious rum runner and occasional livestock transporter in the Leeward Islands. A bottle of aged Jack Iron rum is still a highly prized commodity for Caribbean sailors. Today this old workhorse of a boat is firmly aground in Trellis Bay, Tortola providing shade and a convenient place to rest one’s drink amidst the Full Moon debauchery. Image © ocean trader

Afternoon Sailing

Caribbean Sailing photo, ww.oceantrader.coRBVIYC Otpi’s and windsurfers mix it up on Tortola’s South shore. After classes there is no better way to celebrate yet another wonderful day in the Caribbean. Image © ocean trader

Beach Boys

Kemeid McClean, www.oceantrader.coKemeid celebrates his 8th planetary birthday on Tortola’s North shore. Kemeid’s favorite pastimes include paddle boarding and devouring ice cream in copious quantities. Image © ocean trader

Three Cheers For Caribbean 1500 2014

Caribbean 1500 2014 www.oceantrader.coARC Caribbean 1500 sailors provide heartfelt cheers and catcalls during the awards ceremony for a fellow yacht that finally made the entrance buoy at the Nanny Cay Marina in Tortola, BVI. Image © ocean trader

More Rum, Sun And Fun

Catamaran Kekoa, oceantrader.coCatamaran Kekoa motors into Cruz Bay, St. John V.I. after a perfect day of sailing Pillsbury Sound and beyond. Image © ocean trader

Power Swag

Caribbean Boat SwagCocked, loaded and ready to launch! This guy ranks. Image © ocean trader

Beach Day

Sandy Point, St. Croix www.oceantrader.coCounting your blessings must also include counting the number of perfect beach days we are allowed to enjoy in one lifetime. These locals enhance the score by traveling out to Sandy Point on St. Croix (Virgin Islands) for a restorative day at the waters edge. The beach and bio-diverse areas at Sandy Point are open for public use on Saturdays and Sundays. This beautiful spot remains one of the least frequented beach spots on STX. Go figure. Image © ocean trader

Hard Core Cruiser

s/v Bedouin, www.oceantrader.coThis double ender is a sterling example of why few people miss the good old days of rotting timbers and caulking. This sailing yacht is a glassfibre beauty. Image © ocean trader

The Other Side Of Storm Clouds

Caribbean Storm Clouds, www.oceantrader.coOn the other side of that dark corner of the weather there might be encouraging winds that challenge you to leave a little sail up, and start wave hopping. Even the residual rain feels nice and cool running down your chest. There is water dripping off of everything including your soggy ensign. Shit man, pass me up an elephant beer and turn the deck speakers back on! Image © ocean trader

Only The Strong

Captain BlanchardCaptain Larry Blanchard sets out an enticing deck of old wife and snapper for eager clients demanding fresh fish. The skills and knowledge required to run a profitable fishing enterprise runs in generations. Local seafood remains in an uncorrupted distribution channel – straight from the source to your kitchen. Image © ocean trader

Slammed By A Computer Model

Hurricane GonzaloAround 17:30 PM (13OCT14) Tropical Storm Gonzalo was up-graded to Hurricane Gonzalo. We could hear J69KZ, St. Lucia chatting on 40 meters (7169 LSB) and later on 3815 (3.5 MHz)) was alive with Ham radio stations up and down the island chain. In the Virgins a terrible amount of boats were left in the water. Gonzalo began steaming on a more northerly track and by 02:00 AM  the Hurricane Watch was history. Although hurricane force winds can extend out 110 NM from the center of the cyclone, it was almost a lily pond in the Virgin Islands. By 10:30 AM (14OCT14) on St. Croix, VI the sun was peeping out the clouds. It was a good day to hit the beach. Gonzalo was a poorly forecasted weather event as presented by NOAA’s fancy computer weather modeling.  Image © ocean trader

Island Street Life

Caribbean Blog, Drifter's Melody www.oceantrader.coThe time soon comes for parting, and our time is at end. The rest of your life is starting, and we have no time at all to spend. (The Drifter’s Melody – Megan R. Bokowski) Image © ocean trader

Gas, Oil,Water And Ice

Caribbean Blog, Il a Vache Fisherman, www.oceantrader.coA waterman prepares his craft and gear before heading offshore in Southern Haiti. Image © ocean trader

One Design Island Style

One Design Budget Marine, Caribbean BlogThe Budget Marine One Design fleet sits waiting for the next St. Maarten challenge. This company talks the talk and walks the talk when it comes to promoting sailing, and supporting the local marine scene. Image © ocean trader

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