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Morning Horizon

St. Barts anchorage, www.oceantrader.coA mega yacht opts for the outside anchorage west of Gustavia Harbor, Saint Barth. It was a fine morning for breakfast on deck. Image © ocean trader

SCA Takes VOR In-Port Win

Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015 - Abu Dhabi Stopover02JAN15 Volvo Ocean Racing in port racing featured light air conditions that surely tested the sailing skills of each of the six contending boats. This Abu Dhabi race was won by team SCA (all female Swedish crew). Bringing up the rear were Team Brunel and Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing.  Tek dat boys! Image Courtesy of Warren Little

Happy 2015!

Caribbean Travel, www.oceantrader.co New year 2015We live within unsustainable empires that attempt to distract and alienate us  from our collective strength. Stop complaining about the government and start thinking about the global corporations that are pushing us down the rabbit hole. Happy sailing and a toast to all that you can accomplish for 2015! Image © ocean trader

Gone Sailing, Again

Caribbean Travel, Scrub Island Marina, www.oceantrader.coWith a nice breeze pushing us away from the dock, we motor out heading past Marina Cay anchorage. This was a good time to leave; in a few days Scrub Island will be busy entertaining our boating brethren from Sint Maarten and Puerto Rico. Image © ocean trader

Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing Arrives Home

Team Abu Dhabi crosses the finish line in Abu Dhabi completing Leg 2 of the Volvo Ocean Race which was sailed from Cape Town, South Africa. Photo Ainhoa Sanchez

Back In The Water

Caribbean Travel, www.oceantrader.coThe zillion boats that were proped-up on jack stands in boatyards spanning the Caribbean island chain are mostly back in the water by now. The sailing season is alive and doing well by all accounts. This season will be a particularly strong sailing season especially for the charter yacht companies. The Caribbean has never lost supremacy for being the most desirable place to sail and cruise. This season will also spawn more new powered catamarans in charter fleets. For the sailors that enjoy rewarding Trade Wind sailing the Caribbean has few substitutes. For sailors who want to explore Old World ruins and med-moor at seaside cafes Croatia, Greece and a glut of new chartering venues await. For the sailor that wants it all including reliable wind and deep water the Caribbean remains the all time favorite. Image © ocean trader

Land Ho! St. Croix

Buck Island, St. Croix www.oceantrader.coWe slipped out of the Bight at Norman Island at 02:30 AM. During the night we sighted one cruise ship, an inter-island RO/RO vessel and a small sloop on a broad reach to St. Thomas. Making the No. 1 buoy at daybreak was a delight. The Trades were steady with very little water flying across the cabin top. The boat is loaded with New Year’s Eve celebratory supplies including matching miniature brass cannons – a ship with guns as it were. Image © ocean trader

Island Allure

Scrub Island Restaurant, www.oceantrader.coOne of the fine restaurants at the still new Scrub Island Resort (BVI) delivers the perfect spot for a cruising power lunch. Image © ocean trader

Not Like The Old Days

Old Windsurfers, www.oceantrader.coNow we have standup paddle boards. The most inane use of a surfboard marketed to date. These old windsurfers were more fun on the water, and propelled by the wind. Amazing! Image © ocean trader

Laser Sailor

BVI Laser Sailor, www.oceantrader.coRBVIYC Laser sailor Thad Lettsome pulls his daggerboard and rudder after jetting onto the shoreline at Nanny Cay Beach. We admired his style from a distance. This youth is a polished Laser sailor that makes his boat sing and dance.  Image © ocean trader

Vie á Saint-Bath

St. Barts Hillside, www.oceantrader.coThe homes lining the hillside in Gustavia Harbor mostly feature red roofs; a distinct St. Barts color. They also afford their owners a unique view of the continuous flow of yachts through this popular Caribbean anchorage. Image © ocean trader

Good Choices All Around

Caribbean Road Signs, www.oceantrader.coSailing across the Anegada Passage was no cakewalk; sailing back downwind to the Virgins might be. Yogi Berra’s sage recommendation was: “When you come to the fork in the road, take it.” In this case we will all agree that that the Dinghy Dock Bar will do just fine. Image © ocean trader

Gorda Sound One Design Haven

Bitter End Yacht Club Fleet, www.oceantrader.coThe Bitter End Yacht Club still ranks as the ultimate Caribbean resort that offers both unmatchable natural beauty (Gorda Sound and Cays), and a the largest fleet of one design sailing craft this side of the Pecos Mountains. The club fleet is a veritable arsenal of sailboats that includes the Hobbie Wave, Lasers (all variants), 420’s, Rhodes 19’s, Hunter 216’s, Optimist dinghies, windsurfers, paddle boards and a host of larger keelboats. Image © ocean trader

Stunning Sunsets

Cane Garden Bay anchorage, www.oceantrader.coA cruising couple heads ashore for a sunset cocktail in Cane Garden Bay, Tortola. Check the new Ocean Trader Cane Garden Bay webcam to enjoy the sunsets. Image © ocean trader

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