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Crucian Kids

Crucian Kids www.oceantrader.coWhen Caribbean people travel away from home for any length of time and finally arrive back home to familiar places, a gratifying treat is to be able to dive back into your culture. The connection one makes with strangers on the street when greeting them in a native dialect can not be duplicated by visitors, or the newly transplanted. These Kids didn’t know me from Adam, but they watched my gear while I lit out to the car rental office to fetch a good spare tire. I would not have been so trusting in Miami. The Crucians have a prized style of speaking. I think it is a Latino or Hispanic legacy. It is slightly more melodious in pitch. It is a pleasant sounding patois. I could have spoken to these Guys in Spanish or even standard English, but I knew I would get a better tribal reception conversing in Crucian English. I was right. Image © ocean trader

Great Expectations

Caribbean Yachting www.oceantrader.coThe charter yacht industry was born in the Virgin Islands and Caribbean bareboat operators are still the premier leaque when it comes to well managed fleets of modern yachts that must meet the expectations of globetrotting  sailors. Outstanding boats, good rum, deep water and quintessential Caribbean sailing are just a few of these expectations. Image © ocean trader

Gunboat Wipeout – Voiles de Saint Barths Regatta

gb3Watch as this foil equipped Gunboat G4 catamaran Timalero III transfers its talent as a sailboat to that of an aircraft during the Voiles de Saint Barths regatta last week. Flying to the classic surfer’s tune Wipeout, the crew find themselves being dumped into the ocean as the vessel turns turtle. This is no Hobbie Cat. This is a big expensive hybrid cruising catamaran. Media courtesy of Gunboat. You have to see this to believe it. Click here for the Vimeo video.

Turtles And Sandflies

Caribbean Sailing www.oceantrader.coTaking the dinghy ashore for an early morning walk I discovered a large (vacated) turtle’s nest imprinted in the sand, and fierce  blood-sucking Dipteran sandflies. These suckers laughed at my Deep Forest insect repellent. Image © ocean trader

Dock Soup

Caribbean Sailing www.oceantrader.coNo worries about slip space, noise or taxes mate. Just because you’re bug-eyed, stressed and intolerant doesn’t mean the rest of the planet has to  be. You can fly out the same way you flew in, and no, we do not want to join your colossus! Image © ocean trader

Baie Des Flamands

Baie Des Flamands www.oceantrader.coHere is an extraordinary Sint Maarten spot suitable for shallow water fishing and trolling if your boat is shallow draft. The Ocean Trader crew caught a few nice sized Spanish Mackerel trolling from our inflatable. There are two anchorages on either side of Caye Verte and local knowledge is essential when entering this area. To access the anchorage on the southern side of the Salt Pans leave Caye Verte to starboard slowly following uniform soundings all the way in. For the anchorages on the Baie Oriental side leave Caye Verte to port. Image © ocean trader

Misty Morning Out There Somewhere

St. Croix Seascape www.oceantrader.coMisty morning, don’t see no sun; I know you’re out there somewhere having fun. There is one mystery I just can’t express: to give your more to receive your less.. – Bob Marley (Kaya ’78) Image © ocean trader

High Price Low Maintenance

Caribbean daysailer www.oceantrader.coThese boats are well-cared-for daysailers waiting to be used. It doesn’t look like it would be much of a fuss to hoist sail and drop the mooring ball. Image © ocean trader 

St. Croix Good Life

St. Croix Gated Community www.oceantrader.coManicured lawns and arboraceous splendor on St. Croix’s North Shore. Image © ocean trader

STT Northside

Magens Bay, St. Thomas www.oceantrader.coWe were just passing through. Northside on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands is a cool place to be especially if you get to stay in the big house. Bryan’s Bar is no more so we enjoyed dinner at the transformed Northside Bistro. The food, service and drinks were ineluctable pleasure. Connie, our hostess, took good care of us. The vistas on this side of the Rock will blow you away. The photo shows a sloop about to glide over the only shallow spot in Magens Bay. Hans Lollik island sits off to the northeast. The tourists call this a “down island view”. The locals just call it NorthsideImage © ocean trader

Natural High

Caribbean Family Vacation ww.oceantrader.coA family from the UK share good times on Tortola’s Long Bay Beach near Belmont Point. This is a vacation adventure the young ones will never forget. Image © ocean trader

Clearing The Breakwater

Laser sailing www.oceantrader.coA laser clears the breakwater and channel marker with a fair wind and hazy conditions. Image © ocean trader

Caribbean Yacht Race Of The Year!

HR2015_28-Skipper Richard Westlund and crew on the J/122 El Ocaso setup for some downwind action close to shore. They went on to take the win in the CSA 4 series. For more photos check out the 2015 HR Blog above. Photo courtesy of Heineken Regatta and Laurens Morel

Samana, Republica Dominicana

Independence Day Celebration Samana, Dominican Republic www.oceantrader.co27FEB – Gargoyled merrymakers put on their game face during Independence Day celebrations on the waterfront in Samana, Dominican Republic. Samana is a favorite staging port for boats getting ready to cross the Mona Passage as they thread their way into the Leeward Islands. Dominicano immigrants are now everywhere in the Caribbean, South America, North America and anywhere you can think of. Celebrating independence from Haiti sounds like just another reason to party. Haitian migrants are just as mobile as their Dominicano brothers; the Haitians may have the last laugh. Image © ocean trader

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