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Soaking It Up

Caribbean Beach Life www.oceantrader.co

Day’s end with a breeze, no sand flys and beer now floating in the cooler. Image © ocean trader

Judith Fancy Shores

Judith Fancy Shores, St. Croix www.oceantrader.co

Baby breakers roll in on a St. Croix North Shore in the Virgin Islands. Image © ocean trader

Cockpits We Have Known

otc-cockpitA second look is worth the effort.  Maybe you are trying to decide on canvas colors or something. This cockpit is replete with good canvas work, electronics, ample crowd seating and a fold-out table that should host food and drink.  I wonder what that second wheel is for?

Hurricane Plan Ready?

otc-boatyard93Some skippers put their boats on jack stands, some sail south while others bolt for the nearest mangrove pocket when NOAA calls the shot.  The boat owners that richly deserve justice are the few that just leave their boats at anchor betting on the insurance.

Anguilla Sun Flowers

otc-sunflowerRaging colors, a bountiful ocean, clean air and a relentless sun – completely free; all other commodities cost dearly.  Image © www.oceantrader.co

Oyster World Rally In The Pacific

oyster_photo2After braving over 3000 nautical sea miles, the Oyster  World Rally fleet has arrived in the Marquesas Islands. Can you imagine the awe and ineffable splendor of the crews as they engage all their senses on first sight, sound and smell of these exotic islands? The Oyster Yachts World Rally departed Fort Charlotte, Antigua on 07JAN13 en route to the Panama Canal.  Can it get any better than this Mates?   © Oyster Yachts Photo

Life Without Bob And Taxes

otc-islandlifeThis may look like a shot out of Cabin Porn, but it is home and castle to a hard-working fisherman in Kay Kok, Haiti. Imagine a life where your children appreciate the food on the table, no taxes, no assholes named Bob to report to, no freeways and an organic garden with fresh vegetables and herbs.  If you are firmly plugged into the Matrix that new financed Buick will appear to be a better deal.

Morning Mist

otc-GS78Morning mist and a sleepy anchorage.  Waking up onboard in the Caribbean is always with optimism and fresh breezes off the ocean blended with frangipani and nearby flora. It looks like an all cat fleet, but there are other sailing rigs about in Gorda Sound, Virgin Gorda (Virgin Islands).   Image © ocean trader

Ferry Ride To West End

otc-ferryrideToday we took the early boat from Cruz Bay with a final destination of White Bay, Jost Van Dyke via West End, Tortola. The weather looked a bit moody, but it has turned into another prime Caribbean day. The plan for the day is to hang-out with the thinning sailing crowd on the beach, take a dingy ride over to Great Harbor for a late lunch and catch the last boat back to Red Hook.

VI Sailors In Search Of Deep Water

otc-sv_chak.matayS/V chak matay of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands on the hook on the east side of Edgmont Key, Florida.   Although Edgmont Key is a nice enough lime, access to the littoral  and beyond is heavily controlled with ugly signs everywhere reminding the public that they are not welcomed.  Edgmont Key is undoubtedly one of the best day anchorages in Tampa Bay.  The crew on chak matay enjoyed 15 to 20 knot breezes (rare conditions for this part of Florida) on the sail over from the Manatee River anchorage.  After you sail (mostly powering in marked channels) in Florida, you will long for the deep blue waters and wide-open spaces of the Caribbean. Image © ocean trader

Lunch Spot By Dinghy Or Private Jet

otc-lunch34Hazard a wild guess on the coordinates for this idyllic spot.  Parking is no problem if your mode of conveyance  is by dinghy or private jet.  Tuck into a fat roti, or house salad after which is the tough choice between a power nap under a palm tree, or a stroll down the beach.  Here the Deacon, the gangsters and banksters shelve their unique world perspectives in favor of a tasty lunch, cool breezes and island vibes.  Tek dat!

Fueled and Ready

otc-tolacigIt is true.  Virgin Islanders are not content with just paradise.  Some of us own nice boats as well. This speedster was posted-up at an East End gas station.  One has to imagine there is an equally lux truck somewhere to haul this thing.  Nice boat!

Day’s End On Board

Caribbean Day'e End ww.oceantrader.co

A young St Thomas sailor hauls in her line and calls it a day. image © ocean trader

Cal 40 Forever

Cal 40 www.oceantrader.co

A gorgeous Cal 40 spotted in Nanny Cay Marina, BVI. image © ocean trader

St John For Days

St John, Virgin Islands Harbor www.oceantrader.co

Cruz Bay is a nice destination, warts and all! image © ocean trader



We remember (the race that made her beach jewelry)…Anguilla, West Indies   Image © www.oceantrader.co

Peaceful Jamaica

otc-Portland13Fishing Village in Portland, Jamaica, West Indies   Image © ocean trader

Market Day!

otc-hws18Please explore the Petionville Market on the Haiti Page. This was a fun market with characters that have long disappeared from the shores of the Virgins.  In the “Ole Days” market day was where you could buy, barter and trade in goods and information. The Market Ladies in Haiti are still upholding those proud Caribbean traditions.  (Photo oceantrader.co © Copyright)

Curbside Parking

otc-Cat93Another sunny day in the Virgin Islands. There is no substitute for having your condomaran parked curbside ready to load and launch. This one is owned by the son of a well known American politician.   He should get his Oldman on the boat more often. Image © ocean trader

Tola Boat

otc-TSloopIsland framed and planked with ‘Leg of Mutton’ mainsail and boom typical of these old workhorses. This one was restored by someone, or group that cares. The chain plates appear to be stainless steel with ‘U’ attachments. Back in the day these sloops were charcoal and fish traders mostly. Even the smaller craft were used to transport people, livestock and general cargo. Those cargo holds had covers for sure.

Port Antonio

otcPAntonioAfter you have safely arrived in Port Antonio, Jamaica you can get off the boat for a spell by staying at Drapers San for a few days. Drapers San is neat Guest House about five miles down the road from Port Antonio. The Guest House is also on the water and a short walk to Frenchman’s Cove. Drapers San is rustic, relaxing and you will have no regrets. The staff are real Jamaicans (naturally friendly), and the meals are fab. This hideaway is worth a try after sailing the Windward Passage. Port Antonio is also a pleasant introduction to Jamaica, and not too far from the hustle, commerce and crowds in town. Image © ocean trader

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