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Caribbean Sailing Yacht www.oceantrader.co

This Tortola, BVI anchorage features almost all the blues. Image © ocean trader


Ugly South African Catamaran www.oceantrader.co

This must be the ugliest catamaran we have spotted in Caribbean Waters. All angles and no curvature. The sailors that are attracted to a boat like this are more into floating condos, and counting berths. Part of the selling price should include repatriation back to South Africa. There is already a huge third generation fleet of plastic boats in the Caribbean. Just imagine 20 years from now how littered our shorelines will be. This pig does not benefit from the red paddle board lipstick. image © ocean trader

Sail To St. Croix

Caribbean Sailing Ocean TraderEvery now and then you can read “don’t forget St. Croix” stories in the Sailing Press.  Well, here is another one in the CariBlog pages.  Please have a read.  ©  Photo oceantrader.co

Playa Puerto Frances

Caribbean Sailing 82Playa Puerto Frances is located on the north coast of Venezuela – a beautiful part of the Caribbean. If you are in Caracas on business and want to exchange the Armani suit and designer garb for a day on a terrific tropical beach then hire a car for the day and head east.  Use the town of Higuerote as your primary waypoint.  Hang a left at Higuerote passing through La Penita and Laguna La Reina hugging the coastline while enjoying the ride.   Puerto Frances is on the leeward side of the headland.  This Venezuelan beach is suitable for people watching, swimming, grilled fish, beer and just laying in the shade or sun.  The beach is also used by local fishermen and tour boat operators. Their colorful craft are worthy of a photo or two.  © Photo oceantrader.co

Time To Sail

Ocean Trader MooringA late afternoon departure goes smoothly after securing the kayak on deck.  Next, drop the mooring line, hoist the main, roll-out the headsail and dote on the speedometer while quick reaching over to the next island in the distance.  © oceantrader.co

Through The Narrows

otc-jetty (1)A tanker and a rain squall slide across Sir Francis Drake Channel off the north west cost of Tortola, Virgin Islands.  ©  oceantrader.co

Hurricane Alley

otc-WX45Now that NOAA has put a “goat mouth” on the remaining Hurricane Season, Caribbean communities should stay alert as new weather blows off Africa.  NOAA indicates there is a 70% chance of seeing 13 – 19 named storms, 6 – 9 hurricanes with 3 – 5 of those cyclones ramping up to become major hurricanes.  NOAA’s weather trending, climate indicators and fey computer models support these latest predictions.  Oh joy!  Image © www.oceantrader.co

Ballito, Dolphin Coast KZN

otc-DurbsThis photo was emailed to Ocean Trader by Richard of Umhlanga Rocks.  The view is of the Ballito Coastline on the Dolphin Coast in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  That is a very calm Indian Ocean.  If you look closely you can see a few surfers in the water waiting for the right wave to build.  Image © ocean trader

Ghost Ship On The Beach

otc-NKOSI75Somewhere in the Caribbean a derelict ship sits abandoned on the seabed listing to port.  This scene is made all the more melancholy by the photographer’s ability to capture his own objection to this rusting hulk by manipulating the available light.  Despite the joyless fate of the ship, the coconut trees, gentle surf and residual light on the horizon offer some measure of optimism.  Image © NKOSI.Co

Grenada Spicemas!

AndrewRichardsThis is St. George’s Harbor in Grenada.  This year’s Spicemas celebrations are now in full bloom with music, food and fun in large quantities.  Please take a glance at the Grenada SummerCrew (CariBlog Page).  The SummerCrew and Andrew Richards (photography) want you to put Spicemas on your summer calendar!

Sunset Fishing

otc-NKOSI16This cruising crew is enjoying a Caribbean anchorage while fishing for dinner and toasting The Green Flash with a few Greenies, and selected tunes.  The sun disappears very quickly in these latitudes.  Night falls like a curtain.  No swell, poles out, the fish are nibbling – no worries Mon!

Play Time

otc-CNG82Kaidia Edwards (age 4) of Augier, St. Lucia explores her world while enjoying another sunny summer day.  Kaidia is cute as a button, healthy and happy!  © Photo By NKOSI

A Power Trimaran

otc-Adastra3Now this is new.  The image of this stealth, roguish and handsome power yacht conjures up thoughts of “Mother Ship”.  People will wonder if there are baby progeny off some where gathering human specimens.   Please have a look at this impressive and éclat creation in the 5 Corners Blog page!

ki bel péi!

otc-tirocher89Early morning hours in Ti Rocher (Micoud), St. Lucia, W.I..  Everything grows here!   © Photo By NKOSI

Helen Of The Windwards

otc-NKOSI22Sandy Beach (Long Beach) strikes a moody tone with Cape Moule A Chique in the background.  This gorgeous beach is about one mile from downtown Vieux Fort, St. Lucia W.I.. Sandy Beach is a comfortable beach for just about any kind of lime including kite and wind surfing.  © Photo by NKOSI

Caribbean Cruisers At Rest

otc-we77This anchorage is in Tortola, Virgin Islands.  I can tell you that the crew on one of these sloops jumped on a LIAT flight to go lay low in Dominica for a week.  Instead of fighting the tropic sun they opted for a shady cabin and mountain breezes.   This is a splendid way to spend the buckets of money they have hoarded onboard!  Image © ocean trader

St. Thomas Lobster Boat

St. Thomas commercial fishing vessel www.oceantrader.co

These open deck workboats are strong and reliable vessels © ocean trader

Catch Of The Day

otc-Calder77A buyer inspects el marisco (catch of the day) at a fish market in Puerto de Caldera, Chile.  Caldera is well known for some of the greatest seafood restaurants in all of Chile.   © oceantrader.co

The Emperor On The Beach

otc-Dunes89Photo taken at Dunes Preserve, Anguilla W.I.  Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia 1930 to 1974 is captured here in some of his splendor crowned with a repurposed Anguillan fishing hull substituted for traditional rafters.  Emperor Selassie’s bloodline can be traced back to King Solomon.  Now dem is some roots!  ©   oceantrader.co Photo

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