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Caribbean Sailing Art

otc-Winter SailingTrue Caribbean colors can be appreciated in this Haitian painting that speaks to a rich maritime heritage of life on the sea.

Parking Problem At The Beach!

otc-BeefIs_airfieldThey might complain, but we will only regard them as jaded.  The little single engine kites were lucky to have secured a spot amidst the heavy iron.  Yes Cap, sailors fly jets too.  Oh rich people problems…  © Photo By oceantrader.co

Miami Carnival 2013!

Miami Carnival, Ocean TraderMiami Mas! If you missed the Miami Carnival last week here is a wonderful photo that captures the Caribbean flavor of this South Florida annual event.  Every year the Carnival gets bigger and better.  We have one year to plan for 2014.    ©Photo By NKOSI

18° 25’36.36″N   64° 39’30.38″W

Cane Garden Bay, Ocean TraderCane Garden Bay in Tortola (Virgin Islands) is an outstanding anchorage in all regards except when there is unpleasant weather in the North Atlantic.  Bad WX up North will produce an uncomfortable swell throughout the Caribbean islands laying to the South.  Photo By oceantrader.co

Hazy Morning With A Sailing Breeze

Caribbean Garden View, Ocean TraderThis is a morning coffee view. The fishermen might wake you at a much earlier hour when preparing for a launch, but drifting back into a peaceful slumber is possible until the roosters clock in.  ©  Photo By oceantrader.co

Trou Caiman And Lake Azuei

Trou Caiman and Lake Azuei, Caribbean SailingThe beautiful countrysides of Haiti are prime adventure travel destinations.  The vistas from Mount Cabrete include the shallow shores of Trou Caiman and the more expansive waters of Lake Azuei in the distance.  Read more about travels into the heartland of Mirebalais in the Haiti Blog.  ©  Photo By oceantrader.co

Harbor Life

Caribbean Twin Otter - Ocean TraderA St. Thomas Harbor Twin Otter sits in her berth cheek by jowl with the Port Authority Pilot Boats. The French Town fishing fleet and the old Quarter Deck  restaurant next to what was once the Dick Avery Boat House, can be seen in the background.  Image © oceantrader.co

The Magic Bus

Haiti, Ocean Trader 23Scout new and stimulating adventure travel destinations in Haiti.  This special place in the Caribbean offers another world of possibilities;immersion travel at its most intense.  When you make a friend in Haiti you have a friend for a life time.  Here is our blog posted last year when Hurricane Sandy was blowing through Haiti.  At the time many people thought the darkening skies were the result of just another tropical depression.  Read it, and other blogs from Haiti in The Haiti Page section of our website.  ©  Photo oceantrader.co

Cutter Rigged

Caribbean Sailing99, Ocean TraderThis Southern Cross cutter boasts clean gear and rig.  A true Caribbean work horse of a boat.  © Photo oceantrader.co

Nothing New

Downtown St. Thomas, Virgin Islands www.oceantrader.co

A typical street in downtown St. Thomas looking decidedly tired. image © ocean trader

Dutch Reformed Church

Dutch Reform Church St. Thomas VI www.oceantrader.co

This church went up in flames twice and then rose from the ashes, but how can the name of a church be changed? The Reformed Church St. Thomas. image © ocean trader

Weighing Anchor

ocean trader sundown www.oceantrader.co

A cat crew secures kayak on deck before sailing. image © ocean trader

Haitian Streets

Streets of Haiti www.oceantrader.co

Some streets in Haiti have not slowed down. image © ocean trader

Life Goes On

Port-Au_Prince Park www.ocean_trader.co

Old sugar vats in a Port-Au-Prince park. image © ocean trader

St. Thomas Synagogue

St. Thomas Synagogue www.oceantrader.co

Beracha Veshalom Vegmiluth Hasidim at Crystal Gade 16AB image © ocean trader

Santiago de Chile Wonderlust

Santiago de Chile www.oceantrader.co

Smog envelops Santiago de Chile on an otherwise sunny day. image © ocean trader

Mercado Central Santiago

Santiago Seafood Restaurant www.oceantrader.co

The seafood and chefs will delight in Santiago de Chile. image © ocean trader

South Shore Sandflies

St Croix South Shore www.oceantrader.co

Home of the fierce Crucian South Shore sandflies. image © ocean trader

Jamaica Photo Trek

Rasta Vibe by Nkosi www.oceantrader.co

A suitable caption might be ‘stop talk and be happy’. image © Nkosi

Portland Morning Light


The Morning haze and fresh air intoxicates in Jamaica. image © Nkosi

Virgin Peak To Oil Nut Bay

Caribbean Sailing 78, Ocean TraderIn Gorda Sound, Virgin Gorda there is a very special trek that you must take. The hike up to Virgin Peak can be done gradually with refreshing sea breezes all the way.  Dinghy over to Phillips Bay near Biras Creek.  There is a superb little cafe there with a dinghy dock.  Turn left and walk the trail bearing to the right.  Follow the shoreline (on the south side) to the foot path that will lead you up the hill.  You might have to share the path with the goats, but when you arrive at the top you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the south shore including Deep Bay and Oil Nut Bay.   ©  Photo oceantrader.co

Another Caribbean PTL Morning

Caribbean Sailing 56Back in 2002 Sarah Mae Swaggart sailed her clinker planked glassfibre sheathed sloop into Gorda Sound, Virgin Gorda.  Much has transpired since that day.  Sarah now owns a business on shore instead of a boat.  She took this photo on her first morning in the BVI.  The anchorage is still gold to the many sailors that visit.  ©  Photo oceantrader.co

When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking

Caribbean Sailing, Ocean TraderA sailing vacation should flow with the whims and fancy of the crew.  It will also be a slave to the dictums of the weather.  One of the most enticing aspects of sailing and cruising in the Caribbean is the abundance of truly nice anchorages and world class beach bars and restaurants. When cooking interferes with your comfort level and you need to be catered to, jump in the dinghy and head for the beach.  Don’t forget your flashlight and dinghy anchor.   © Photo oceantrader.co

Every Day Sailable Vessel

Caribbean Sailing, Ocean Trader 42Not much needs to be said about a yacht like this one.  The Skipper’s pride, joy and the ultimate escape pod from a maddeningly angry world.  ©  oceantrader.co

Always A Decent Anchorage

Caribbean Sailing, Ocean TraderThe Marina Cay Anchorage off Great Camanoe Island remains a favorite anchorage for locals and visitors.  It can be a less than desirable location in a blow, but it is usually a stable and peaceful spot.  © oceantrader.co

Skimboarding Masters

Skimcaribbean Ocean TraderThe Skimboarding crew is here to show us how it is done.  Skimcaribbean is promoting an athletic and very green water sport that is catching on quickly in the Caribbean.  Please read about these guys in the 5 Corners Blog.  © Photo Skimcaribbean

Eden Located (Again)

NKOSI Photo Eden Caribbean SailingAn earthy and dream like grotto opening to the sea and beyond…no traces of the hand of man and the perfect spot to go crabbing at night with a bucket and a flashlight.  © Photo by NKOSI

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