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Bra Plats Mates!

Grilling on the beach is better done with a sun shade nearby.  This is Sandy Cay Spit in the Virgin Islands.  You can only get here by boat.  Most sailors will be heading east (hard on the wind) to their next spot in paradise.  Image © www.oceantrader.co

No Wake Zone

Donzi No Waker_oceantrader.coA Donzi slows to idle speed after dropping off guests in Gorda Sound, Virgin Gorda BVI.  The sailors still outnumber the speedsters in this neck of the woods. Image © www.oceantrader.co

Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds East End Anchorage, www.oceantrader.coStorm clouds building near an East End, Tortola anchorage.  The dinghy dock must be just as crowded.  Image © ocean trader

Labadie Bay Village

Labadie Village view, ww.oceantrader.coThe trail up the mountain from Labadee (Labadie) village, Haiti has no switchbacks.  It is a medium challenging trek almost straight up.  This photo was taken on Christmas day.  We were all grateful to be able to stand on a large boulder taking it all in.  Image © www.oceantrader.co

Pwason an pa wè dlo a

Labadie Fishing Boat, www.oceantrader.coRoughly translated: “The fish can not see the water”. A wise Haitian proverb for those of us that give up the struggle too easily.  In this photo a young Haitian fisherman sails off his mooring en route to his daily fishing routine. Image © www.oceantrader.co

Anguilla Sailing

Anguilla Boat Race 2005, www.oceantrader.coAnother two months to go before racing day, but here is a scene from the 2005 Anguilla Boat Race. Anguilla still retains title to the best designed, engineered and fitted-out traditional Caribbean sailing boats.  Image © www.oceantrader.co

Rum Monkey

Caribbean Sport Fisherman www.oceantrader.coF/V Rum Money, a Bertram, is one of the finer Nanny Cay sportfisherman. Image © ocean trader

Pointe Labadi Water World

Baie Du Port Francais and Point Labadi, Haiti www.oceantrader.co

These Haitian water taxis also offer a very agreeable tour of Baie Du Port Francais. image ocean © trader

Lim’n Times On The Mountain

Tortola After Hours At Stoutt's Lookout www.oceantrader.co

Chill spot with a blow-out view of Cane Garden Bay and the ocean beyond. image © ocean trader

An Afternoon Trade Wind Breeze

Caribbean Marinas www.oceantrader.co

Quite times at a marina just outside of Roadtown, Tortola. image © ocean trader

Prime Time Sailing

Virgin Charter Fleet, oceantrader.coThe weather is nearly perfect and the Trade Winds beckon.  If you are still sailing off your Yacht Club mooring this is the year you should sail your first charter in the Caribbean.  It is not as difficult as you might think.  The yachts are well equipped, new or nearly new.   Your choices are all excellent. St. Thomas, Tortola, St. Vincent, Grenada, St. Maarten, St. Lucia….  Image © www.oceantrader.co

Cap Haitien!

Gueyvier Rony Haitian Painting, oceantrader.coThis Gueyvier Rony oil painting is colorful and comical.  It captures a slice Cap Haitien street life in less motorized times.

Village Life

Haitian Fishing Boat_oceantrader.coThe peaceful fishing community of Labadee is still old world Haiti.  A man carries feed bush for his goats while a fishing boat awaits caulking and new paint.  Ocean Trader will be blogging from this quiet outlier on the north coast of Haiti.  Please visit the Haiti section to explore this enticing adventure travel destination  .  Image © oceantrader.co

OceanTrader.Co Is One Year Old!

Tropic Sunset_oceantrader.co2013 was no “slam dunk”.  Where did we hear that recently?  It was however a watershed year for our online magazine which enjoyed outstanding growth in our global readership.  We now know there are thousands of beachcombers and would-be sailors in China judging from our visitor tracking.  We also know there are thousands of sailing slackers kicking back in their offices or cubicles that visit oceantrader.co daily.  We are humbled and encouraged at the same time.  Happy New Year Everyone! Image © oceantrader.co

Counting Cays

otc-Hobbie2Beam reaching between Ramgoat and Henley Cays, Caneel Bay sailors make for the beach in good form.  Durloe channel can get busy quickly with rain squalls, ferry boats, private yachts and marauding pelicans.  Pillsbury Sound is a Virgin Islands playground for anyone with a boat. Image © oceantrader.co

Back In The Gulf

Olympic Cater 33, oceantrader.coThe crew on S/V chak matay of St. Thomas, V.I. does a final check of a new loose-footed mainsail while waiting on the tidal depth to improve.  S/V chak matay is back in the Gulf (Tampa Bay side) dodging shallow water, crab traps and occasional cold weather en route to Shark River.  This Carter designed sloop was built by Olympic Marine in Greece and launched back in 1974.  © Photo by oceantrader.co

Boat Work In The Shade

Island Work Sloop Repair, oceantrader.coLignum Vitae, or “Iron Wood” as the locals prefer to call it, oakum caulking, a hand saw and the helping hands of a passing neighbor gets the job done.  © Photo by oceantrader.co

Christmas Winds At The Dock

Sopers Hole Catamaran, Ocean TraderA South African cat sits placidly at the dock in Sopers Hole, West End Tortola while the Christmas Winds announce their arrival in the rigging. © Photo oceantrader.co

Landfall ! s/v Stomp Arrives In Haiti

Riviere de La Arbonite oceantrader.coDara Van Gils and crew sailed into to Il-a-Vache on November 22, 2013.  Dara’s crew bolted for the airport in Port-au-Prince to catch Thanksgiving flights home, but after cleaning and watering the boat she is on shore exploring Haiti. Dara is already emailing fab photos of Haiti.  This photo is of the Riviere de La Arbonite in central Haiti.  After being on the ocean in passage mode we can understand the primal attraction to feeling good land underfoot.  Right now Dara is on a hybrid bus-tap-tap-walkabout following the smell of burning charcoal, and negotiating countryside footpaths to parts unknown. We hope to tell her story of sailing through the Bahamas and the Windward Passage in the CariBlog (soon).  © Photo oceantrader.co

The Price Of Gas And The Price Of Fish

Caribbean Fisheries Wharf-St Lucia-WI-oceantrader.coGas and oil keeps rising in price and so does the price of fish, lobster, conch, crab and all the ocean’s bounty.  In the Caribbean there is an abundance of truly organic food that can be sourced on any given day.  Besides local fruits, vegetables and herbs, there is a wide choice of fabulous seafood.  The photo shows a well organized fishing cooperative in St. Lucia, W.I.. The cost of gear, supplies, fuel products and marketing are shared by participating members.  © Photo By NKOSI

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