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Slaver’s Paradise

Whim slave Plantation on St. Croix, Virgin Islands www.oceantrader.coThe preserved ruins at the Whim slave plantation on St. Croix, Virgin Islands tell part of the story. To thier credit, the Crucians were not devoted slaves and the heirs of the great industrious slaving families lived to see their empires eventually expire. Image © ocean trader

Bahamian Sailors

Caribbean Art www.oceantrader.co

This water color painting by Carl Calder truly captures the windward sailing action. Image ocean trader


African Merchant www.oceantrader.coThis merchant was deceptively humble. He could arrange the acquisition or transference of many things. He spoke at least five languages and better English than is heard in America. He was not typical of South Africa in most regards, never give us his tribal name knowing it was improbable that a Caribbean sailor could pronounce it, and he was probably from Zimbabwe. Image © ocean trader

Dominik Tchoube

Caribbean Blog, www.oceantrader.coCaptain Tchoube’s cutter rigged sloop is called Sea Space and is a stout stylized blue water sailboat. The boat and the skipper are from France. The design incorporates a raised protected cabin top with great visibility through the lexan panels and a flush deck going forward.  Dominik was proud to point out unique design features of the Sea Space, but the one that stands out is the composition of the metal hull’s alloy. The hull was built using vanadium, titanium and aluminum. We asked Dominik to email www.oceantrader.co with more photos and his plans on cruising the Caribbean. He was busy with maintenace chores at Fort-Louis marina, SXM.  Here is another photo of the Sea Space.  Image © www.oceantrader.co

18° 3′ 57.82″ N     63° 5′ 22.02″ W

Caribbean Blog, Hans Christian www.oceantrader.coA Hans Christian double-ender floats quietly upwind from the rest of the fleet. A splendid anchorage in Baie Du Marigot, Sint Maarten.  Image © www.oceantrader.co

St. Barth – Warts And All

Caribbean Blog, Guvtav Harbor, St. Barths www.oceantrader.coCurious sailors will not resist the temptation to make Gustavia Harbor a port to explore. The experience is no longer old St. Barthelemy and cruisers will be amused by this posh fishbowl. Captain Zack on Melony Day emailed to say he enjoyed dining out while anchored near the outer edges of the main harbor.  Zack further explained that most of the food service help looked like Abercrombie & Fitch clones, were mildly irritated at the prospect of conversing in English, and the food and wine made up for any imaginary snub.  As a matter of conjecture, it might be assumed that being dissed by an under-employed itinerant worker from France is part of the St. Barth, F.W.I. experience. St. Barth is a lovely island with many beautiful beaches and is worth a day or two.   Image © www.oceantrader.co

Burgeux Baai Approach

Caribbean Blog, www.oceantrader.coAn ATR-72 over flies snarled road traffic and the nuts on the beach intent on repurposing landing aircraft as shade trees. Burgeux Baai (Maho Beach) sits on the approach end of the Princess Juliana Airport, Sint Maarten.  The beach crowd gets a near shave as each pilot claws for every useable foot of the 7,546 foot runway.  Image © www.oceantrader.co

A Raked Sand Walkway To The Garden

Caribbean Garden By The Sea, www.oceantrader.coYou might call this order for lack of order elsewhere in your life, but stepping into a Caribbean garden provides a quiet place to plan your day. Image © www.oceantrader.co

Flat Water And An Easterly Breeze

Caribbean Sailing and Travel, www.oceantrader.coThis cat was heading east after dropping the mooring lines.  With the wind on the starboard quarter they were actually doing some sailing slipping out of the anchorage.  Image © www.oceantrader.co

WX Is Severe Clear

Caribbean Sailing, www.oceantrader.coA fuel dock on the Fat Virgin (Virgin Gorda) accommodates a fleet of cats icing up for a sail to Anegada.  Image © www.oceantrader.co

Mon Joli

Mon Joli vista, www.oceantrader.coAn early morning harbor vista from a Hotel Mon Joli balcony in Cap Haitien, Haiti.  The day holds much promise… Image © www.oceantrader.co

Air Draft Cubed

Caribbean Racing Sloop, www.oceantrader.coJust kidding, but if these Anguilla boats were designed to a one design rule centerboards would not be allowed and boom length and mast height would be the dominant features to corral.  You can see that crew size matches the job at hand.  Image © www.oceantrader.co

Snow Cat Crew Escapes Atlanta!

Caribbean Sailing On A Cat, www.oceantrader.coEveryone knows what a long drive it was to the airport, but the crew on Snow Cat is now facing the biggest decisions of their sailing adventure.  What’s for lunch, and where do we sail to next? Image © www.oceantrader.co

Winged Plutocrats (Again)

Caribbean Private Jets, www.oceantrader.coRather than risk being mistaken for the paparazzi we stowed our cameras  after tying down our kite. This flock arrived in Gulfstream Jets.  It must have been one hell of a party! On approach these expensive chariots were lined up in flight like The Radio City Rockets breaking off one at a time  for short final into this tiny field. If you get the impression we are a bit pissed at the alate wealth of our fellow trekkers you are not mistaken. On Anguilla, St. Thomas, St. Lucia, Barbados and many others islands, one can not spit without hitting a private jet at the General Aviation tie-down ramp. If you are flying a single engine rat-trap-whatever, finding a parking spot can be a bit dicey.  Oh rich people problems (again)…  Image © www.oceantrader.co


Caribbean Anchorage, www.oceantrader.coA South African family enjoys snorkeling with noodles in a Virgin Islands anchorage. Image © www.oceantrader.co

Cleanest Marina In Tortola

Hodges Creek Marina, BVI www.oceantrader.coHodge’s Creek Marina in Maya Cove Tortola, Virgin Islands (BVI) is still the cleanest and friendliest charter yacht marina on the island.  It is also a popular port for private boats. Image © www.oceantrader.co

Ice, Water And Groceries

Caribbean Yacht Basin, www.oceantrader.coWhen crew and guests have flights to catch and the onboard garbage is approaching oppresive quantities, head for the nearest port with anchoring space.  This one is in Cruz Bay, St. John, Virgin Islands.  Almost all the conveniences of the external world can be found here including FedExed parts. Image © www.oceantrader.co

Best Day Anchorage Ever

Sandy Cay Spit, All Time Best Day Anchorage, www.oceantrader.coHere it is again (Sandy Cay). Put this anchorage on your BVI charter itinerary.  If you sail in early you will have the whole anchorage to yourself.  SC is east of Little Harbor, JVD and is a decent location for snorkeling and diving.  If you stay the night there will be loads of fish including sharks to keep you engaged.  Buy a fishing license before leaving  your charter base.  Image © www.oceantrader.co

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