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78° F, Winds ESE @ 10 Kts.

Caribbean Sand www.oceantrader.co

No people. No stupid pets. Perfect atmospherics on a Caribbean beach. Image © ocean trader

Hands-on Kitesurfing Instruction

Crazyfly instructor, La Mercy Lagoon www.oceantrader.co

Kitesurfing Instructor helping surfer with a windy launch. image © ocean trader

Tomorrow Wax and Polish

Caribbean Bareboat SXM www.oceantrader.co

We arrived at the boat late in the day. All was well except the topsides. image © ocean trader

Water World Condos

Condos at Nanny Cay Tortola www.oceantrader.co

Condo community at Nanny Cay, Tortola. Be it ever so glorious, some call it home. image © ocean trader

St Barts

St Barts Streets www.oceantrader.co

The Laid-back streets of St Barts. image © ocean trader

Cartagena, Colombia


Kids entertaining and busking on the streets of Cartagena. image © nkosiphotography

Night Passage

Caribbean Night Passage www.oceantrader.co

Not everyone is keen on weighing anchor at sunset. Other sailors prefer fading into the ether at sundown. image © ocean trader

Smuggler’s Bight

Soper's Hole www.oceantrader.co

This West End cove still sustains smugglers and outlaws. Steer to starboard to avoid the sand bank. The location is no secret, and these days the coppers and criminals are indistinguishable. Image © ocean trader


Deked, www.oceantrader.co Caribbean Life

A quiet moment in a fabulous anchorage. No metaphors needed. Image © ocean trader

Happy Harbor

Gustavia Harbor, St. Barts www.oceantrader.co

A dive boat motors into Gustavia Harbor, St. Barts Image © ocean trader

Hard Tack And Heroes

Caribbean Fine Art www.oceantrader.coThis painting celebrates a seafaring Caribbean heritage with the evolution of aluminum spars, kevlar sails and self-tailing winches. To race this spartan vessel around Anguilla, West Indies in competition against the island’s finest is no timid feat. Neither is riding that incapacious gunwale for hours. These boys are tough, and their boats are a thing of beauty to watch under sail. Image © ocean trader

Island Life

Nanny Cay Beach www.oceantrader.coAt day’s end having the right company is always a good thing. If the grocery shopping is sorted then swing by your favorite beach bar to hoist one, or two. If this does not suit you then carefully make your way out to the end of the breakwater to watch the sun descend into the horizon. Not much needs to be said. Image © ocean trader

Summer Weather

Caribbean Sailing www.oceantrader.coAveraging  just a few primary parameters that marginally trended in our favor for the previous seven years, this summer of 2015 should be significantly warmer in the Caribbean. Not only will our summer weather be hotter and more humid, but we are probably going to experience these conditions for longer periods within any given month. This kind of heat keeps our oceans abnormally warm which in turn fuels any mature tropical cyclone that blows off the west coast of Africa. Bullshit artists that prayed for a hurricane last year in order to justify delays to poorly planned and executed work may have their wishes granted this summer. The old saying still applies. Be careful what you wish for. Image © ocean trader

Safe Haven

Caribbean Yachting www.oceantrader.coAs the years roll by there is a noticeable increase in mega yachts visiting and relocating to Caribbean ports. The Caribbean is considered a safe haven for the world’s wealthy and their toys. It is no surprise then that marinas capable of hosting these huge boats are popping up like mushrooms. This is a mixed blessing. With the exception of the marinas, it is difficult to appreciate how these large yachts stimulate regional job markets. It should not be difficult to imagine the environmental price to be paid. There are even plans afoot to build another mega yacht marina in Coral Bay, St. John in the Virgin Islands. No doubt the Coral Bay community is not thrilled with the idea of  having their backyard turned into a playground for the super rich (read about recent events here). The remainder of the Virgin Islands appear to be asleep, or indifferent to the manifest changes this would bring to one of the most beautiful bays in the Virgins. Image © ocean trader

Bespoke Island Cat

Lagoon Catamaran www.oceantrader.coThe Lagoon 39 catamaran has a knowlegeable and faithful following of Caribbean cruisers. This cat has understated utilitarian good looks, and will not be mistaken for bigger glamor yachts. On the used boat market the L-39 will be a relative bargain when compared to the rest of the pride. This catamaran is a safe offshore boat if sailed and equipped properly. This multi-hull is very comfortable with sensible features such as a gull-wing bridge deck and an infused moulded hull and deck. The forward triangle is large and the boom is short allowing for large headsails and a smaller, but manageable mainsail. The Lagoon 39 has an LOA of 38′ 6″, a beam of 22′ 3″, and a draft of 4′ 1″. The inboard diesels are normally 20 hp. For fluids her specs list 105 gallons of water and 79 gallons of fuel. For those sailors that prefer catamarans the Lagoon 39 is a safe bet. Image © ocean trader


La Maison Suédoise, Gustavia, St. Barths ww.oceantrader.coThis historic building sits proudly on the corner of rue Samuel Fahlberg and rue Victor Hugo in Gustavia, St. Barths. It is currently HQ for a local realtor. After paying for the villa, Guizot himself would be reduced to driving one of those St. Barths mini cars that are slightly larger than a golf cart. If you plan on doing a beach day on Saint Barthélemy, Ocean Trader recommends Colombier Beach. There are others of course, but Colombier has the best vibes. A cooler and sandwiches will come in handy. Image © ocean trader

Power Play

Caribbean Power Boats Concept 36 www.oceantrader.coThe BVI power yacht fleet is ranking in all respects. Island power boat enthusiasts can boast of operating expensive, powerful and sophisticated boats besides having one of the worlds most beautiful playgrounds to romp around in. We are talking some serious swag here people! This Concept 36 is an especially brilliant example with a colorful paint scheme, and nice but naughty twin Mercurys on the transom. Also notable is the instrument panel setup that features a high tech grouping for the gauges and throttles, decent storage for fenders, lines and rods, and luxe seats. The Concept 36 design also incorporates a very useable v-berth in the bow. Tek dat! Image © ocean trader

Caribbean Seabird

Caribbean Brown Booby Sulidae species www.oceantrader.coThe Brown Booby is of the Sulidae bird species. The booby is often grouped with gannets, and both types of birds are medium to large coastal Caribbean seabirds. The booby is easy to spot as  it plunge-dives for a meal in the bay. Caribbean bird life is alive and well. Seabirds are a premier class of wildlife, and most people that dare to start reading up on this subject eventually turn into hopeless birders. The birds do put on quite a show. Image © ocean trader

Straw Hut Fancy

Caribbean Resort www.oceantrader.coGone to lunch… Image © ocean trader

Societe Nationale De Sauvetage En Mer

Société Nationale De Sauvetage En Mer St. Martin www.oceantrader.co

SNSM/SAR Search and Rescue St. Maarten Style © www.oceantrader.co

Scrub Island Resort

Scrub Island Resort Marriott www.oceantrader.coScrub Island Resort Marriott in the British Virgin Islands is a sailing destination that will spoil you. Sail in and get off the boat for the weekend. This is a suitable terminus for couples that can afford to luxuriate and be pampered with multi-star service and facilities. Scrub Island features several restaurants so an overnight at the marina is also an option. Image © ocean trader

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