Ocean Trader – Ile-a-Vache

Ile-a-VacheThe atmospherics on Ile-a-Vache are pristine.  You will not encounter the dust and diesel exhaust pollution that is commonplace in Port-au-Prince.  On a normal day views to the North, or in any direction will be spectacular and clear.  Haiti still retains its tropical beauty outside of the populated areas.  There are endless countryside, pastoral and mountain vistas to be experienced on the mainland, but on Ile-a-Vache these delights are right in front of you.  There are no Tap-Tap’s or busses to take you to your destination.  There is a marked absence of frenetic crowds scattering in every direction.  No noise.  No garbage. One must explore this verdant paradise by foot, and at your own pace.  Bring water and sandwiches.

RockersSpeaking of food, the restaurant services at the Port Morgan Resort are exceptional.  The menu may change from day to day, but the choices will be a delight to consider.  The cooks and chefs are Haitian.  No doubt there will be the (French) Didier Boulard gastronomic influence, and a very decent selection of wines. The dining room ambiance is relaxing.   You can kick back in a handmade Haitian rocker.  Trade Wind breezes will caress your face while you nurse an iced-down rum.  This mountainside view will allow you to instantly de-stress..  Photos include the Port Morgan beach with two vacationing ladies (from France) and Caye Rquette in the distance, the Restaurant dining and pool area, cottages and the fabulous view of the Haitian mainland (above) as seen from the Port Morgan.



  1. Pascal Roland says:

    Ces photos sont excellentes et vives. Haïti est un paradis tropical! Mon père a navigué à Ile-a-Vache, il y a 10 ans. Nous attendons toujours une partie des slides Kodachrome, il produit de ce voyage.

  2. Je demande a chaqu’un de nous les haitiens d’aller explorer et vive, la beaute,la richesse de notre chere pays HAITI :les jolies maisons a la campagne,les plages,les arbres,les plantes,les fruits juteux et sucres,les oiseaux,les legumes,les mornes vertes etc,ne rester pas seulement a p-au-p,car voyager a travers le pays c’est extraordinaire.

  3. Ocean Trader fait un travail exceptionnel,compliment et bonne continuite.

  4. Norman Talbert says:

    We stopped at Port Morgan two years ago on our back to Charleston after cruising other Caribbean areas. Ile Au Vache has a comfortable anchorage with decent holding on a sandy bottom. My boat had a crew of 3 and we had our hands full dealing with either too little or too much wind making our way back up to the Bahamas. Also keep a sharp lookout at night for local boats off of Haiti. We had radar and that helped. There were one or two mystery targets that came out of nowhere and finally headed off in strange directions. Maybe these were commercial fishing boats.

  5. Van Greaux says:

    The first time we traveled to the island we were walking down the beach when suddenly there was an old Slick (Huey UH-1 Helicopter) setting up for a landing over the trees. On closer inspection, I walked towards that area which had a very nice big orange helipad nestled in a small clearing between the coconut trees. The VIP onboard was the Big Dawg himself (Bill Clinton). It must have been a fantastic luncheon!

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