Notice Of Race Cuba 2015

Notice Of Race Cuba 2015 – The Pensacola Yacht Club has just issued a preliminary notice of an offshore sailing rally and race to Cuba. The proposed routing will include a Pensacola, Florida staggered start for the various participating classes, and a finishing point of Havana, Cuba. Not surprisingly the Hemingway International Marina is the designated host and marina for the racing fleet.

The initial notice indicates that the race and rally is intended for experienced mariners with an emphasis on seaworthy cruising sailboats. To that end the RRS 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing and GYA-PHRF prescriptions are mentioned as the proposed  governing rules and standards to be applied. No doubt we will hear more about how all this will be configured. The spirit of the race and rally are captured in the in the PNOR’s objective of placing the responsibility on the participating skippers to ensure the seaworthiness of their vessels, the competency of their crews, and that each vessel is appropriately equipped with all gear mandated by the race committee.

Gulf Of Mexico Chart

PYC 500 nm Proposed Race To Cuba – OCTOBER 2015

The racing classes included thus far are Classic Cruisers (vessels older than 25 years, with a SA/D of less than or equal to 16), Modern Cruisers (vessels less 25 years old with a SA/D of 20 or less), Racer Cruisers and Multihull Cruisers. Handicapping particulars will evolve quickly with respect to the usual parameters such as cruising gear, sails and the rest. All participants will be required to apply to the Department Of Commerce for a license, and the Pensacola Yacht Club promises to assist in this process by providing clear instructions. The application time mentioned is 45 days, and the PYC makes it clear more details and information will be forthcoming within the next two months. If the PYC’s planning and support are executed intelligently this will be a fantastic sailing race and rally to Cuba for 2015. The PYC should be commended for attempting to organize this event. It will not be easy, but they have a reputation of being a friendly and capable yacht club.



  1. Jerry Weil says:

    This is good news. I am hoping within two years racing and cruising sailors have far more choices. Cuba is still the forbidden fruit, but the people that sail there on their own bottoms will really appreciate the destination all the more.

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