Nkosi In London

As Nkosi would tell it, London is a city he passed through many times as a child on his way to other places with his family. This particular adventure to London was his first as an independent spirit, as it were. He was in London to hook-up with his sister Jaidine and other favorite relatives that live and work in the UK.

Nkosi explored London with his sister Jaidine

Jaidine on the Metro heading to Brixton

London being an especially complex and sophisticated metropolis, he is fortunate to have cousins and a sister that were willing to host. These are just a few of the photos that he emailed. No doubt there are many more and Ocean Trader is delighted to post these. There are stories and good times we will not be privy to. London will be a fun town if you know the right people. Chance Nkosi mentioned that he was able to breeze through the borough of Camden, Brixton in South London, Shoreditch and Brick Lane. These inner city London districts including historic East End are all the more interesting when considering their storied past.


Shoreditch must have been the place to be on a weekend night. To the east of Shoreditch there is Brick Lane and the city’s Curry Mile of fabulous Indian dining establishments and cultural influences. Just walking around these neat enclaves of London makes for an entertaining stroll.


Chance Nkosi in London

There are many divergent cultures in London. This is one of the qualities of this great city. The youth scene, fashionistas, artists, buskers and working class folk all blend in to make it happen. London is not an inexpensive destination, but most travelers will not return from a holiday to this part of the United Kingdom complaining about the cost. Savvy travelers know it will be a pricy, but worthwhile indulgence. Thank you for these elegant photos Nkosi. Images © nkosi.co


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