Maché Pétyon-vil

Diri shèla, diri tca, pwa nwa, pwa be peyi, kokoye, pwason, viand bef, viand kochon and an inexhaustible variety of other foods and products are displayed for purchase at the Machè Pètyon-vil.  The entrance off the main road is narrow and is a down hill stroll.   The path is crowded with shoppers, vendor stalls on both sides, and hawkers working the crowd as they forge their own path through the swarm.  The phrase “noisy confusion of life” comes to mind as one dodges carts full of rice and produce speeding downhill through the shoppers.


The produce is fresh and of varying quality; mostly good quality.  There are no GMO products here.  This is food grown and produced the old fashioned way.  This might not be the case with the imported packaged and canned products.  There is such an abundance of farm produce shoppers can be discriminating and fickle.   Inside the covered market area there is also hardware, cooking utensils, home products such as window treatments, bedding, lanterns, detergents, canned foods, shoes, clothing and many other categories of products.  Every day is market day, but the weekends are probably the busiest part of the week.  There are hundreds of similar markets throughout Haiti, but the Machè Pètyon-vil is likely one of the best and busiest.  Kanèl, siv, lay, farina, avwann, brokoli, chou, karot, radi, tri-tri, poiv, mango, karosol, chadèk, papaya, kresson, lètu, tomat, patat, poro, bannan…….




  1. Merelia Buny says:

    I enjoyed the short narrative and feature photos. Haiti must be experienced to be believed. The rest of the Caribbean has lost much of the indigenous culture, but life in Haiti still retains much of the old world. I suppose this is a changing landscape for the new generations. You can hear that change in the mixture of Haitian music blended with Hip-Hop. Thank you, again.

  2. Marc lambert says:

    Please tell us more about the Haitienne cuisine and the existing farm areas. My wife and I travel to the interior often and your coverage of Haiti is refreshing. We have come to understand that food preparation is very much regional in Haiti. Continuez votre bon travail !

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