Jean-Claude Walwyn

Caribbean Blog, Grand Case Model Ships, www.oceantrader.coJean-Claude Walwyn and his wife Nicola Soazig are the owners of a neat little boutique on Boulevard de Grand-Case (French Sint Maarten) called Touche Arts & Fashion. This boutique sells custom made resort fashion for mostly the Ladies, but there is also a selection of funky organically styled outfits pour les homes. They also sell an attractive selection of amber and sterling silver jewelry crafted in Poland.  The most unusual aspect of Touche Arts & Fashion are the model sailing ships that Jean-Claude creates at his workbench.

Caribbean Blog, Jean-Claude Walwyn Model Ship Builder, www.oceantrader.coJean-Claude has been building model ships for over 20 years.  His model ships are intricate in detail and have a distinct island character to their design. They are reminiscent of the type of sailing traders one would see sailing out of Brazil and other parts of South America.  Some of these model ships are fairly large, but obviously each is built to a realistic scale. Jean-Claude is one of many interesting people you are likely to meet if you travel over to the French side of Sint Maarten and stroll down Boulevard de Grand-Case.  Jean-Claude is proud to remind you that this is where he grew up, and he has been a patient observer of many changes and evolutions in his small village. There is a public landing dock in Grand-Case bay.  The anchorage is a favorite visiting port if there is no swell out of the North.  If you sail into Grand-Case do not miss the opportunity to see Jean-Claude’s model ships and his shop.  Boulevard de Grand-Case is the main thoroughfare in this sleepy seaside village. This street has a great selection of curio shops, bakeries and fine restaurants.  Attractions such as Touche Arts & Fashion and the model ships is a delightful surprise.

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