International Women’s Day (Sail)

Caribbean Blog, International Women's Day www.oceantrader.coInternational Women’s Day (March 08, 2014) is not celebrated globally. Is it not, for example, a well-regarded event in the United States as it might be in Europe, the Russian Federation or South Africa. International Women’s Day seeks to remind the world of the economic, social and political achievements of women. On the other hand, this unique celebration also attempts to draw attention to the challenge women face in a world that limits the equality of women. There is no surprise here.  If the world creates equal economic and social platforms for women (the person that ends up raising our children), all else will fall into place. Africa and other parts of the world may need to heed this challenge more so than Europe et al., but it is a global challenge by any measure.

Sailors take note. If you are lucky and the right woman gives you the keys to the kingdom, you certainly stand a better chance of finding yourself on the right boat with the right company. Some Guys have the equation erroneously reversed. “A woman’s touch” has more to do with our emotional and human balance than just decorating, cooking and all the usual tropes. When NASA strapped a Space Shuttle on a woman as Commander there was no turning back. For women, the road ahead looks shorter than the distance traveled to date. (Photo of Ms. Dube of Zimbabwe close reaching on an overcast day) Image ©


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