NOAA Hurricane Fail

NOAA had us on pins and needles this hurricane season with predictions of 7 to 11 hurricanes that were loosely scheduled to come barreling through the Caribbean throughout the active hurricane months.  If you live in the Caribbean and own a boat you were certainly keeping score.  NOAA’s prognostications were way off the mark; the most inaccurate forecast in 30 years. It would not be impolite to suggest to these guys that they revise their fey computer models, or buy a Farmer’s Almanac.  Peak season saw Atlantic winds that were out of the north, not out of the south across the equator as is usually the case.

Haiti LandscapeEarly on there was the usual banter about El Nino, water temperatures and the great potential for nasty weather blowing off the coast of Africa.  As if Sahara red dust was not bad enough.  Remember back in 1989 when there were heavy layers of that fine red dust covering everything on the clothesline and the boat?  What a mess.  If we could get decent predictions on this red African menace it would be nice.  No more red bed sheets, red decks and sails.  Anyway, NOAA if you are reading this please cadge more computing power from the NSA or something.



  1. It was their (NOAA’s) very best guess. Too bad it sucked!

  2. The Europeans seemed better at weather forecasting these days. We might pickup some pointers from their virtual modeling. I remember in the eighties and before there were no annual hurricanes to speak of in the Caribbean. Something has changed for the worst.

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