Haitian Chicken And Dumplings

Every culture has an evolved recipe, and ritual preparation for chicken and dumplings. In Haiti there are many ways to prepare chicken, and each family will have their own preferred recipe that is usually passed down through the Ladies of the clan. The feature photo shows an enticing bowl of chicken and dumplings that should feed two, or maybe three people. Madam Antoine was untiring and gracious in explaining each step. The preparation of  the ingredients was also explained, but the translator was too busy grazing to be of much use.

Caribbean Art18, www.oceantrader.coThe Ocean Trader crew made no pretenses sampling pastries and the Madam’s French table wine. This was a home cooked meal prepared with a loving hand. We watched patiently as this woman sifted through the Haitian rice discarding any grain that was inferior in color or texture. Some of the seasonings had exotic names and uncommon, but agreeable aromas. Here is Madan Antoine’s bouyon blan ak poul pa Madam Antoine . You will need your own translator for this pot. Enjoy! Image © ocean trader

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