Hail Bop

otc-streetstuf29Always look at the white sky and you lose your head in the clouds

Wanna step onto them and float onto their ground

You appear from the hillside and there’s a funny look in your eye

Between a rock and a hard place and I will either do or say die

Spins the phrases together ’til something starts to make sense

Talk of the future ignoring the present tense

Start shining the night sky you light up like a solar flare

Won’t just burn up on contact as we enter the atmosphere

Hail to the bop believe me

Take your time to come back and see me

I’ve been waiting here so long and now you’ve taken off again

– Django Django (Hail Bop)


  1. Yogi Tera says:

    Yeah! I get it. Keep your sneakers on player.

  2. OK. I’m done chief. Joe Cool was sailing Vpoint on Cabcaye and the POF was drugup big time. Ha! Besides money is there anyting the old Cap likes better than drinking wine and riding his bicycles? And *&ck you JB! you better clean out your chickenshit buffers before you loose a tag!

  3. I don’t engage in both activities at the same time. The flying was impressive and I happy to be on Turkohill. You Guys have little or no patience. You are bright, but not shining! It may take you a few years, but you will arrive at the same conclusions. Don’t play by the rules, or you can go work in a *&cking cubicle!

  4. Don’t be such a sore ganador Manny. You forget it will be strangers that will help you back onto to your feet when you fall down in the street.

  5. Did I miss something here? What are you guys talking about?

  6. You Guys ready for the Wild Ninja? We’re not stopping for $%it. Manny got the double deuce for this round.

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