Foundation Francoise Canez Auguste

ArchwaySurely one of the nicest places to meet for lunch or dinner in Port-au-Prince must be the Parc Historique de la Canne a Sucre.  The Francoise Canez Auguste Fondation must be very proud of what they have created.  The Fondation should be congratulated for preserving a unique segment of Haitian colonial history, and cultuarl artifacts. In addition to admiring the vast variety of tropical plants, flowers and well kept grounds, this is a very neat museum experience hailing back to the days of Sucrerie Coloniale.  The visitor will easily envision what it might have been like when these lands were a busy sugar cane plantation and factory.  The machinery and equipment for processing the raw sugar cane, and distilling process areas have been left in place for th enjoyment of visitors and locals.  Of special note is the old sugar cane locomotive that was donated by Hugette and Fritz Mevs in memory of Bernard Mevs.  What an outstanding remnant of times past!  These grounds make for an enjoyable and thought stimulating walk.  As you come up to one of the exhbit areas that feature large blending vats, or the Moulin a traction animale, it is easy to imagine the faded intensity of this industrial enterprise.  Clearly it took many hands and minds to produce high grade exportable product.

There are well preserved indoor domestic scenes featuring beautifully crafted mahogany period furniture.  And there are tastefully developed public areas that clearly provide one of the best venues in PAP for parties and commecial entertainment events.  The stage craft and associated equipment like aluminium alloy lighting towers  appear to befirst class.  And then there is the restaurant.  This is a comfortable and chic place to dine.  I  did not try the luncheon buffet, but we did come back for dinner.  The weather that night was perfect for outdoor dining.  The food did not disappoint, service was provided by a  gentle staff, and all areas of the park were attractively iluminated.  The Menu prices are very affordable.

Musee: Pour les visites de groups et locations de salle, un reservation devrait etre faite au prealable Tel. (509) 2511-8051


Lundi:                                  9h – 1h

Mardi a Vendredi:            9h – 4h

Samedi et Dimanche:    10h – 4h

Restaurant Tel. (509) 2513-3736

No. 48, Blvd 15 Octobre, Chateaublond, Port-au-Prince, Haiti




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  3. We had lunch there and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The park is an oasis of beauty and tranquility in Port au Prince. The day we were there, a luncheon buffet was served. Sanitation standards appear to be exceptionally good. Selections on the buffet were limited however all were fresh and quality was excellent. We explored the park after lunch and found it to be both interesting and informative. This would be a good place for anyone to visit!

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