Labadie, A Fishing Village

Labadie Fisherman Sailing, www.oceantrader.coLabadee (Labadie) village in Haiti is a fishing village that is slowly adapting to the changing and quickly encroaching world around it.  On Christmas day the village residents wore their finest; most everyone was in church, or on their way.  As we walked by the village church on our way up the path that would take us above the settlement, the music and tempo was contagious.  You could hear and feel a joyous happiness from the singing congregation.  These folk were really rocking out!


After coming back down off the mountain we strolled through the village in hopes of buying some bottled water.  We found a shop owner who graciously opened her shop for us.  As we walked through the village we passed through a very clean leveled area where some children were giving it their all in a soccer match.  Their football was not the best, but these kids were obviously enjoying themselves.  The people we encountered all had a Christmas greeting and a warm smile.  Visiting the village was a particularly special way to spend Christmas day.  The photos speak for themselves. Images ©



  1. I thought Labadie was an island near Haiti. We stopped there on a cruise 2 years ago. I don’t remember seeing a village, but the photos are very nice.

  2. This is another spot in Haiti that might be worth a visit. For sure the tourists on those huge ships never get to see the village. That is a good thing for the villagers. The cruise ship company built the fence to protect the Haitians from hoards of pink over-weight zombies wearing Hawaiian shirts and matching sunburns 🙂

  3. Nice pics!

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