How Does It Feel?

Caribbean High, Ocean TraderHow does it feel? We should at least consider turning off the tube and disabling our mobiles for a week.  If you can stretch the privation to two weeks you might be getting closer to a genuine self-cure.   Are you on FB? I do not have a FB page, and I don’t have any friends that would even consider that sort of thing as a legitimate form of socializing.  The corporations have hijacked our food supply channels and the youth culture.  Good marketing even has busy adults posting pictures of their stupid pets on FB using the company’s computer.  The youth don’t really care, and developing critical thinking habits is too much work. They will think nothing of splashing out with $160 jeans replete with factory holes and other distress features.  If it’s cool who cares?  The NSA.  What’s that? Remotely piloted assassinations? Yeah, you can buy one at the mall . Don’t you remember all the money you wasted on black lights, Led Zeppelin albums and $25 Lids?  How about taking acid trips all night long and in the morning inviting the entire motorcycle gang to a chichi French restaurant to recover on fizzed drinks and caramel crepes?  Swapping hallucinogenic stories from the night before was surely more fun than inter-web porn.  Remember “All Along The Watch Tower” and “Hurdy Gurdy Man”? Far out Man!  As long as it was cool.  Who cared if we stumbled into class late, aced our algebra exams, and pissed off the Nuns who prayed for us, but knew full well we would burn in hell. I gave up on the counter culture when I heard my old friend Larry (name changed to protect the wicked) was making millions running a pharmaceutical company, and chasing young blond (female) presenters at medical trade shows.  Holy shit!  The stuff he peddles won’t even give you a buzz. This was the guy that chewed half a bag of high-grade cow shit (mushrooms) one night and went careening off  Mandahl road in his Dad’s new Carmengia.  No doubt he was spaced.  The rescue crew claimed the car’s 8 Track Stereo was still belting out “2000 Light Years From Home” as the wrecker was pulling the car back up the cliff.  His story became even darker when he switched to Alice Cooper music.  And now he looks like another CA dressed in a business suit with a flag pin.  These days its “support the troops” and “God Bless America”!  What happened to “sex, drugs and Rock and Roll”?  We are in the throws of the information age, which explains why most of us are now barely as smart as our well-fed pets.  Drugs will not work well with aging bodies.  If you haven’t figured out how to achieve your mental and spiritual high by now, you may as well go sit on the couch with a bag of chips while watching the psychopaths catechize the urgency of bombing our corporately sponsored enemies.  What a %ucking mess! © Photo By



  1. Yes. All true, but I could not live without 4 bars on my cell and a good Internet connection. What are you, a communist?

  2. Bennie Crewe says:

    You sound like you don’t expect to be raptured. You have a point Buba. The propaganda machines are beating so loud that otherwise sensible men and women think Rush is a nice Guy that has important things to say. The joke is on us!

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