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Travel to Dominica will appeal to the traveler who is not inclined to spend the majority of his or her vacation reclined on the beach, or taking a bus tour. The many rivers and mountainous landscapes of Dominica are disproportionately featured in travel literature about this very special Caribbean destination, and there are other attributes to be enjoyed.

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Dominica now has several excellent eco-friendly resorts and mountain retreats that will allow the intrepid trekker a surreal tropical experience, and the opportunity to hike and camp in what has been euphemistically called the Swiss Alps of the Caribbean. What else is so special about this island one might ask? Well, for starters Dominica has a rich and tortured colonial history not unlike many of the other  nations in the Leeward and Windward islands. Dominica has a unique and varied culinary style that demands to be probed. When one travels to Dominica there will be far fewer tourist traps and commercial eyesores to encounter. This is a destination where renting a jeep or other suitable vehicle will really be a fun adventure out in the countryside. Dominica can rightfully boast of having some of the friendliest Caribbean people you are likely to interact with. If you are interested in their culture, cooking, families, farmland, old buildings or any aspect of their life, Dominicans will genuinely embrace the opportunity to chat you up. Read more about travel in Dominica in this blog entitled (click here) Dominica Mountain Life.

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