Cuba And The Union Jack

otc-ukshop12Alejandro emailed to bring us up too speed on Juliana’s new baby boy (Felipe) and life on the farm in Eastern Cuba.  He jokingly tells me he can trade all of the Olympic souvenirs he acquired last summer in the UK for carpentry work,  milk and meat.  Even in rural Cuba the Union Jack (Union Flag) is now out pacing the iconic image of Che Guevara.  This started out as a trendy thing with the younger Cubans, but the Union Flag now adorns jean pants, painted finger nails, shirts, blouses of all types and also the carved scalps of the more fashion forward hipsters. Last summer’s Olympic pageantry in London was followed enthusiastically in Cuba. This is where the attraction to UJ had its roots. I wonder what Mr. Fidel thinks about all this Union Jack fluff? If the collective world were to have a friendly competition to determine who has the most attractive national flag I think the Brits would win hands down.  The combination of colors and uniform overlaid patterns of the Union Flag can not be perfected further.  It is a simple and brilliant design. Many of the younger Cubans sporting this design on their clothing and fashion accessories my not have a clue as to its origins.  Many are aware that the design is very British and are happy to carry forward the colors. The Revolution may not be dead, but at least it now has a little bit of color and class.  (The photo:  a store in Heathrow International airport Cubans would be thrilled to experience.)  (Photo copyrighted


  1. Sara Osborn says:

    I think Fidel gets his nightly news from re-broadcast BBC SW stations. He no longer puffs on those wonderful Cuban cigars, but I have first hand knowledge the cigaweed is still popular in the UK. As for the Union Flag, well the Colors are rather nice. It looks like a cultural exchange of sorts, but we could use more Cuban music in Britain. Cheers!

  2. If it was not for BS Cuban-American politics we could all be waving the UJ while getting drunk in Havana.
    Let’s face it, Fidel won and now we can all exhle and cruise over to beautiful Cuban anchorages and marinas. The Brits, Canadians and everyone else appear to be enjoying their holidays in Cuba!

  3. Patria, Sociolismo o Muerte!

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