Vodou Party

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It was Christmas Eve and we were invited bayside to a vodou party. Not really knowing what a vodou party was all about made the idea more appealing. Here was an opportunity to be exposed to part of the Haitian culture that is very private to most people you meet in Haiti.  I suspect even […]

The Haitian Cassava

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Haitian cassava (kasav) is as primal as you can get when it comes to traditional Caribbean foods.  Every island culture uses cassava as a food source.  Ground provisions, as it is referred to in the Windward and Leeward islands, is also called “hard food”.  This is more a tribute to cassava’s ability to fill you […]

Labadie, A Fishing Village

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Labadee (Labadie) village in Haiti is a fishing village that is slowly adapting to the changing and quickly encroaching world around it.  On Christmas day the village residents wore their finest; most everyone was in church, or on their way.  As we walked by the village church on our way up the path that would take […]

Norm’s Place, A Rustic Retreat

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Norm’s Place is a rustic retreat located in Labadee (Labadie) Bay, Haiti.  When we finally arrived at the water taxi area in Labadee it did not take long to arrange transport over to the hotel dock.  The ride over the mountain from Cap Haitien was enjoyable to say the very least.  The views of the […]

Sunrise Airways To Cap Haitien

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The Ocean Trader posse used Sunrise Airways to fly to Cap Haitien.  Other than the pilots taking a leisurely lunch (late departure), our ticketing, boarding and flight were all executed well.  Sunrise operates a fleet of older 19 passenger Jetstream 32 EP’s which sport a new multicolored Sunrise Airways livery scheme in graduated orange and […]

Cap Haitien, A Home Port

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Cap Haitien is a distinct experience when compared to the look and feel of Haiti’s other large homeport Port-au-Prince.  The architecture in the old town areas is unique with a colonial style that is attractive.  Many of the historic buildings have been renovated and repainted to match a festive flavor that was probably encouraged by […]

Mirebalais Country Roads

Mirebalais Country Boy 88

On a sunny near windless day we drove north out of Port-au-Prince’s labyrinth of narrow streets heading for the country roads of Mirebalis.  Our destination was the small town of Mirebalais which is located about 60 Km northeast of the Capital. The history of Mirebalais dates back to 1703, but the roads that will take […]

The Gingerbread House

Villa Castel Fleuri, Hait Ocean Trader

Many of the old colonial houses of Haiti, otherwise known as Gingerbread Houses, have fallen on hard times.  Many were already in gradual decline before the 2010 earthquake struck Port-au-Prince.  The children whisper softly saying these houses “have spirits”.  Life must have been grand for the original owners and their immediate heirs and successors.  One […]

The Haitian Ghede

The Fete Ghede (Gede) danced, mimed, pirouetted and tramped forward and sideways through the streets heading from the cemetery.  Costumed and quaffed to outrage and provoke the attention of ancestors long deceased, the crowd harnessed the rhythms of powerful drums beating out a “banda” even a Mormon could vibe to.   Konès (the Haitian rara vuvuzela), […]

Maché Pétyon-vil

Street Vendor

Diri shèla, diri tca, pwa nwa, pwa be peyi, kokoye, pwason, viand bef, viand kochon and an inexhaustible variety of other foods and products are displayed for purchase at the Machè Pètyon-vil.  The entrance off the main road is narrow and is a down hill stroll.   The path is crowded with shoppers, vendor stalls […]