Free Ocean Trader Sticker

Email Ocean Trader requesting a free Caribbean Sailors sticker for your jeep, car, truck or boat. These stickers have become a near cult item throughout the islands. The Ocean Trader sticker is a neat and colorful sticker featuring our own Caribbean Sailor “Randy”. Use the contact form on our website. We have about 2,000 stickers available. […]

Caribbean Flowers – Sasha

Here is a lovely Caribbean Flower named Sasha. Sasha hails from the Bahamas, a group of islands that are also known for charming females as well as the other greats like Great Isaac Cay,  Great Guana Cay,  Great Exuma and such.  Sasha is a quiet lady of unfathomable appeal. Her style is simple and organic. […]

Sony A7II Photo Trek

Image All Rights Reserved - Santiago Chile

Making friends with the new Sony A7II on a trek through Santiago, Chile was an enjoyable challenge. The Ocean Trader crew uses any camera gear we can get our hands on including smartphones. The old axe about the “best camera” being the one in hand still stands. This new sensor stabilized mirrorless camera encourages the […]

Team SCA Rocks!

Team SCA rocked-out today (02JAN15) taking first place in the in-port race of the Volvo Ocean Race (Abu Dhabi Stopover). Favoring the starboard side of the race course, the all female SCA crew established a lead position. Carolina Brouwer provided outstanding talent at the helm. Attempting for a better position in the fleet were Team Brunel and Team Abu Dhabi […]

Volvo Ocean Race – Abu Dhabi

The Volvo Ocean Race is the Formula 1 premier sailing event in the world. This is no frolic around the inshore racing course for a couple of days followed by looking cool at the yacht club and sponsored parties. This is an ocean race that spans four oceans and five continents. Like Formula 1 auto racing, […]

Caribbean Blog – Botswana

Caribbean Blog, Botswana

This summer there was so much going on for the Ocean Trader Caribbean Blog crew when we headed to Africa. We have been occupied with sailing adventures, family events and just traveling in general. As a result you may have noticed fewer postings and photos. One adventure trek that was worth our efforts was a […]

Caribbean Flowers – Jamie

Caribbean Blog,

Our Caribbean Blog is not enamored of femme fatales, but this Caribbean Flower reminds us of the sirens of Greek mythology. Her name is Jamie and her roots are in St. Lucia, W.I. the Helen of the Windwards. In Greek mythology the Sirens were fabled as extraordinarily beautiful creatures that would lure passage weary sailors […]

Caribbean Blog

Caribbean Blog, ocean trader 81a

Feathers – Part I This Caribbean Blog asked Hanna Lowes to tell Ocean Trader the story of Feathers her 35 foot Bristol cutter. In a previous life Ms. Lowes was a respectable Tax Consultant with a semi-ordinary life until she parted with her husband of 18 years. That is another story she is unlikely to share, […]

Caribbean Flowers – Stacy

NKOSI Photography

This Caribbean Flower does not disappoint. Intriguing good looks and style are only two of her obvious endowments. Her name is Stacy and her roots are in Kingston, Jamaica. Why are there so many winning women from Jamaica? Beenie Man has already extolled the erotic virtues of the ghetto girl, but this Lady is clearly […]

Caribbean Flowers – Manisha

Caribbean Blog, Model Manisha by NKOSI Ocean Trader

This Caribbean Flower is Manisha. She is a professional model with outstanding credentials.  Her roots are Jamaican.  Sophisticated, demure, enculturated and drop-dead gorgeous, Manisha even makes this low-wing Piper look good. Caribbean women, like all women, cultivate their own special charm, fragrances and style. Lovely. Image By NKOSI Photography