Smoking Dragon Festival

 Smoking Dragon Festival 2015 – Imagine a land of green fields bordered by huge mountains. Imagine these lands to be situated in one of the most naturally striking locations on the planet. And finally imagine that these lands are somewhere in Southern Africa, the birthplace of humanity. This is the venue for the annual Smoking Dragon […]

Johannesburg Walkabout

A Johannesburg Walkabout – There are scads of noteworthy and sometimes dangerous enclaves in the city of Johannesburg that are worth experiencing. After a week on the road, we were ready for some city life and motored towards Gauteng with subdued relish. All images © ocean trader As we approached the mighty city it was […]

Zimbabwe – Overland Travel

Zimbabwe overland  travel offers an endless capacity for exploration even with the occasional detour, or missed waypoints. Detours and minor paths can turn into destinations with Zen qualities. Being from the Caribbean infused my perceptions of Africa in surprising ways. For example, watching Europeans and American travelers on holiday in Africa never failed to amuse […]

The Yachters

These last few months we managed to keep up with the yachters racing in St. Martin and St. Barts. We also managed two trips to Santa Cruz. These destinations make up the Ocean Trader Triangle, I guess. Heading out from St. Martin my pilot friend Tebo (name altered for the sake of anonymity) organized a […]

Volvo MD2030 Heat Exchanger Cleaning

MD2030 www.oceantrader

The Volvo MD2030 Heat Exchanger tube bundle requires periodic cleaning.  This is a relatively simple task, and if done on a regular basis your cooling and exhaust systems will be rejoice! Don’t wait until you are twenty miles offshore in a dark and stormy trying to claw-back to safety to admit you should put better […]

Nkosi In London

As Nkosi would tell it, London is a city he passed through many times as a child on his way to other places with his family. This particular adventure to London was his first as an independent spirit, as it were. He was in London to hook-up with his sister Jaidine and other favorite relatives […]

Coastal Cruising Island Style

Caribbean Sailin, Ocean Trader 72

Radar Love is is a story about night sailing and being in a rush to arrive. The sailors are local salts, and the boat is a C&C 36. If you think you might enjoy a quick read sea story click here.

SCA Does It Again!

13MAR15 – Team SCA does it again! Team SCA can now claim to be the only multiple in-port winners in the 2014-2015 Volvo Ocean Race after sailing a strong finish in this latest in-port race in Auckland, New Zealand. The all woman crew sailed their Volvo 65 aggressively right down to the finish. Team Brunel […]

The Big Slavers

When considering the stain of slavery and the big slavers that fueled this so-called maritime trade the nations that come to mind are Portugal, Holland, Denmark, Britton, France, The United States, Spain, Brazil and others. Dirtbag Africans captured and facilitated the sale of their ethnic brethren to equally craven dirtbags with whips, guns and sailing […]

MAPFRE Wins VOR Leg 4!

28FEB15 – Spanish Team MAPFRE won Leg 4 of the 2014-2015 Volvo Ocean Race sliding over the finish line some 20 days after departing Sanya, China. This has to be the best sailed VOR event ever with spectacular sailing on the new Volvo 65 one-design ocean racing yachts. The VOR 65 is a complex, powerful […]