Caribbean Flowers – Mail

otc-stxxMr. J. Burnes hailing out of Eastport, Maine emailed Ocean Trader recently to comment on what he describes as the absence of “Sexy Caribbean Sailing Babes” on the website.  We tossed this around on last night’s staff webinar.  To be honest, it is possible we have been too focused on the sailing life and have neglected other aspects of the Caribbean experience.  No doubt there is a surfeit of Caribbean Sailing Babes, but to encourage the boat to sail properly most Skippers would be better off with a 50-something sailing mamma kitted out with deck shoes, gloves and a proven gift  for calling wind shifts.  This type of mature sailing babe is usually pushing the limits so to speak, and makes for better sailing company.  She can also be useful with unwelcome crew injuries and making pinacoladas with a towel full of ice and a winch handle.  Now don’t get me wrong Mr. Burnes.  I know you’re freezing your gudgeons off up there on the frozen tundra in Maine, but if we publish one sexy Caribbean Sailing Babe from say Carriacou, this may warm you up a bit, but then all the other islands will feel left out.  This could be the subject of lively arguments and even fist fights at Full Moon Parties.  If you’re down in Caracas, for example, you do not want to bring up the subject of how beautiful the Ladies are in Columbia.  The wonderful thing about Caribbean Sailing Babes is that they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages, but sometimes in these latitudes it is also good practice to ignore the obvious. Enjoy!


  1. Mr. Burnes was right. More of these flowers wouldn’t hurt! Yes.

  2. Oh lard! Yo need mo dan a flower me bie. Yo need a whole frig’n bouquet star! Lovely!

  3. I wish we had flowers like that up here in Newfoundland. You know the Sailing Guys can get a little boring some times 🙂

  4. Lewis45Q says:

    Round and proportioned like a sloop, and keeping with the nautical theme, able-bodied as well!

  5. The natural environment and all that it nurtures are our gifts to treasure, or our treasure to squander. It is easy to see that richness in a woman as in a flower at its brightest. As Sparky opines above, lovely.

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