Caribbean Blog – Mango Fete

Ocean Trader Tropical FruitThis Caribbean Blog was in Santa Cruz for this year’s mango confusion. Every year the St. George Botanical Garden on St. Croix, VI is the venue for the Mango Melee, a tropical fruit festival.  The Mango Committee (actual people) decided to dedicate the 18th annual occurrence of this festival to Mr. Errol Chichester.

Mr. Chichester is the Deputy Commissioner of Agriculture on the island of St. Croix. Full marks to Mr. Errol!  The festival generates local interests and the Crucians were out in force wearing their colorful best. Some of the scheduled events were not to be missed like the Mega Mango Competition, and the Mango Eating Competition. The Kids were kept engaged with face painting, mango games and scavenger hunts.


There was in excess of three thousand Crucians that attended the festival on Sunday (June 6, 2014). The botanical gardens is an appropriate venue for this event with great sun shading from a forest of trees, and many surprising nook and crannies ideal for sitting and relaxing. The crowd melee itself is loads of fun. Wondering through the many exhibits was not such a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon. If you did not arrive with a goodly supply of cash you might have missed the opportunity to buy everything that caught your eye. There were several local artists that kept the arts and crafts lovers busy.  The art included oil, water color and acrylic paintings. The craft was diverse and creative. On sale and on exhibit were crafted and painted calabash products, handmade soaps and sundries, jewelry, books and island style fast food such pates, cakes, fried fish and tropical fruit juices. Images © ocean trader


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