Spanish Virgin Islands Debunked

If your charter company promises sailing adventures and cerulean seascapes in the Spanish Virgin Islands that will likely be their first lie to you. There is no such place as the Spanish Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, and you will not find it on your nautical chart. The promotion of this new virgin archipelago is […]

Dominica Travel

Hibiscus, Artist Unknown

Travel to Dominica will appeal to the traveler who is not inclined to spend the majority of his or her vacation reclined on the beach, or taking a bus tour. The many rivers and mountainous landscapes of Dominica are disproportionately featured in travel literature about this very special Caribbean destination, and there are other attributes […]

Nkosi In London

As Nkosi would tell it, London is a city he passed through many times as a child on his way to other places with his family. This particular adventure to London was his first as an independent spirit, as it were. He was in London to hook-up with his sister Jaidine and other favorite relatives […]

Coastal Cruising Island Style

Caribbean Sailin, Ocean Trader 72

Radar Love is is a story about night sailing and being in a rush to arrive. The sailors are local salts, and the boat is a C&C 36. If you think you might enjoy a quick read sea story click here.

SCA Does It Again!

13MAR15 – Team SCA does it again! Team SCA can now claim to be the only multiple in-port winners in the 2014-2015 Volvo Ocean Race after sailing a strong finish in this latest in-port race in Auckland, New Zealand. The all woman crew sailed their Volvo 65 aggressively right down to the finish. Team Brunel […]

St. Maarten Departure

After several days of non-stop Heineken Regatta activity, our St. Maarten departure was imminent. With two days to burn it was time to breakaway from the crowds and just sit on the beach, or whatever. Orient Beach remains my favorite SXM beach spot. It is sometimes confusing to hear the locals refer to the Dutch […]

The Big Slavers

When considering the stain of slavery and the big slavers that fueled this so-called maritime trade the nations that come to mind are Portugal, Holland, Denmark, Britton, France, The United States, Spain, Brazil and others. Dirtbag Africans captured and facilitated the sale of their ethnic brethren to equally craven dirtbags with whips, guns and sailing […]

2015 Heineken Regatta

The 2015 Heineken Regatta was, as expected, a huge success. Racing started on Friday 06MAR15 with the Round The Island Race. Just in case you’re wondering, the HR races are extremely competitive yachting events with crew and boats traveling great distances to compete. The associated cost and time are accordingly notable. This year the Ocean […]

MAPFRE Wins VOR Leg 4!

28FEB15 – Spanish Team MAPFRE won Leg 4 of the 2014-2015 Volvo Ocean Race sliding over the finish line some 20 days after departing Sanya, China. This has to be the best sailed VOR event ever with spectacular sailing on the new Volvo 65 one-design ocean racing yachts. The VOR 65 is a complex, powerful […]

Free Ocean Trader Sticker

Email Ocean Trader requesting a free Caribbean Sailors sticker for your jeep, car, truck or boat. These stickers have become a near cult item throughout the islands. The Ocean Trader sticker is a neat and colorful sticker featuring our own Caribbean Sailor “Randy”. Use the contact form on our website. We have about 2,000 stickers available. […]