ARC Caribbean 1500 2014 Photos

ARC banner 2014, www.oceantrader.coARC Caribbean 1500 2014 photos (taken in Tortola, BVI) might give you some insight into what it might be like to be one of the lucky sailors that participated in this grand sailing rally. Most of us may never get the chance to buy, equip and sail our own yacht from Portsmouth, Virginia crossing the Atlantic to the Caribbean, so admiring those that have made it happen is certainly a worthwhile gesture of approval.



Ocean Trader followed the progress of the boats using YB Tracking software. This was great fun watching the tactical routing each boat elected to pursue. The fleet contended with light winds, not so light winds, head winds and finally Trade Winds. The boats with the long water lines moved out ahead of the remaining fleet as was to be expected. Over the course of the rally the GPS positions of the fleet suggested that many of the Skippers were attempting to put more easting in the bank before turning South to pick up the Trades. Images © ocean trader


The rally results may be old news by now, but the story of a well executed blue water passage will never get old for the sailors that put to sea. The rallying fleet departed Portsmouth on November 03, 2014 and the first boat crossed the finish line in the Virgin Islands on November 10 crushing it with a seven day, five hour and forty minute elapsed time. That was an impressive seven day sail. That honor went to sailing yacht Falcon. Next to arrive was Lone Star, then Crazy Horse, and Abigail. All fine boats sailed by equally fine sailors. As a matter of fact, all the ARC Caribbean 1500 sailors that arrived safely in Tortola appeared to be sober and tough sailors all around. Please source a better detailed report of the 2014 sailing conditions and rally review. Our intention here is only to provide a few of the many photos that was able to produce while we were visiting Nanny Cay. Images © ocean trader


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