Adastra 42.5m Power Trimaran

otc-Adastra1Now here is a yacht that will not be a fantasy for the few that have the desire and means to own and navigate a unique vessel.  This Tri gets high marks for comfort and style.  Heads will turn and people will talk.  The Adastra 42.5 is a big stylized trimaran designed for long range ocean voyaging.  She has a long water line that will produce impressive 24-hour runs in the right weather conditions.  The manufacturer and designers indicate the outrigger heights and shapes have been optimized for ease of motion at sea and to provide increased stability in waves.  Here are the numbers:

LOA:  42.5 m  (a little over 139 feet)

Beam:  16 m

Hull Draft:  1.2 m

Main Engine:  Caterpillar C18, 1150 hp

Outrigger Engines:  Yanmar 110 hp (2X)

Max Fuel Capacity:  30,000 Liters (Long Range)

Speed:  23 Knots

Cruising Displacement:  67.6 Tons

Range at 10.5 Knots:  10,000 Mile

Naval Architecture:  John Shuttleworth Yacht Design Ltd.

Exterior Styling:   John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs Ltd. and Orion Shuttleworth Design Ltd.

Interior Design:  Jepsen Designs, Hong Kong

Structural Design:  John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs Ltd. & Applied Structural Analysis Ltd.

Builder:  McConaghy Boats, Zhuhai, China


The Adastra 42.5 is also relatively light in weight for her size.  The deck and superstructure is constructed from carbon fiber and a Nomex honeycomb core.  The hull is constructed using glass/kelvar foam sandwich.  The interior components were also fabricated using ultra light materials and panels.  The photo renderings show a tastefully executed interior large enough to provide real privacy and comfort.  There are also ample quarters for the professional crew that will provide back of house services, and operate the vessel.  The aft deck flows out to a “garage area” that can house a 4.9 m tender (a little over 16 feet).  This garage door folds out to create a large dive platform, or sun deck.  The renderings also show a very modern and secure bridge area with large piloting seats and good visibility forward and to the sides.  The center screw on the Adastra 42.5 features a large radius prop.  With all three engines throttled this trimaran will make an impressive sight cutting through a flat seaway.  From a sailor’s point of view, she will leave a polite and minimal wake.  Sailors will admire this power yacht from a distance. ©  All photos curtsey of Shuttleworth Designs Ltd.


  1. Boy Wonder says:

    Holy cow spore Batman! They’ve popped a major makeover of the Batboat! That sucker will not fit into the cave even at lower tide!

  2. No price was mentioned. Does this mean I can not afford this boat?

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